Nutella Tax

The latest new tax we face could be on our favourite chocolate spread - the Nutella Tax. It looks as though the popular chocolate hazelnut spread Nutella may be under threat, as French lawmakers debate a bill this week hiking a tax on palm oil – one of the product’s main ingredients – by a hefty 300 percent.

My kids love this on Crepes but I actually had no idea it was made from almost 20% palm oil which is apparently high in saturated fats like butter & cheese. Obviously it is eaten in moderation - once a week not every day but the “Nutella tax” could potentially have far-reaching consequences on the fate of French pastries and other processed foods, which are in part so delicious because they are filled with saturated fats such as… palm oil. If the bill is adopted, not only will the price of Nutella go up by an estimated 0.06 euros per kilo, but the cost of all sorts of snack foods like crisps and cookies will also soar.

France reportedly consumes around 130,000 tonnes of palm oil per year, or the equivalent of two kilos per inhabitant. The widespread use of palm oil has also been criticised for leading to deforestation in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. The makers of Nutella say their goal is for production to be 100 percent sustainable by 2015 in an effort to avoid the problems of deforestation.”

What's next in line then for a new tax? A tax on our daily Baguette?

Source: France 24

Or France could chase the big boys for tax:

French tax authorities slapped Amazon with a $252 million claim for back taxes, interest and penalties from 2006-2010.

This comes just after France tries to get $1bn off Google for a portion of it's advertising fees on French websites.

he he - oh believe me I'd love to, if only I could grow chocolate I'd be one happy girl :)

Make your own....:)

(Because you have lots of time on your hands after all...)


Barry, Quite right!

Twisted bowel and Shout ( sorry it's the best I can do )

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wine & beer never hurts no ones, hic!

if you drives a car I'll tax the street

tries to sit I'll tax your seat

gets too cold I'll tax your heat

takes a walk I'll tax your feet

The Beatles 1960 - 1970

Air! There will be a meter fitted on noses. All inhalations with the left nostril will be taxed at 3.2% of real air value, right nostril 4% at differential air value. That way atmosphere depletion within the French borders will be resolved by all people who are out to avoid being taxed asphyxiating themselves.

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seems like contradictory advice there

@ Suzanne, Best not to then. I can do my own, we have a heart shaped tin, and must have a 25 litre drum of the brown stuff. lol

@Ron - it’s from google images :wink:

IT’S FOR YOUR OWN GOOD! we all need to cut down on our fat intake so this’ll help. ;o)
There’s no TAX / VAT on food only on snacks, crisps, nuts, biscuits ect. so don’t buy any.
More fruits n veg on yer plates washed down with copious amounts of wine & beer. Cheers!

great pic, may I Pinterest it?

My youngest used to live on the stuff ( wasn’t happy about that either ) but this seems like a tax on kids