Oak processionary caterpillars

Watch our for these caterpillars

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No one seems to care here.

do you mean they have not arrived in your area, Jane ?

I posted the link as many folk are going off on their travels and may well come across things they do not have at home.

Oh no, I can take you to the gardens with them in the trees, but no one seems to do anything about them.

Oh dear. Have you mentioned this at the Mairie?

Many communes have too much work on their plates and if it is not judged a local danger, perhaps that could explain why no action has taken place (yet)

These caterpillars would sometimes be undulating across the greens on the golf course:open_mouth: Unfortunately a golfer came into contact and it put him into hospital for a week! They can be deadly to dogs and cats.
I did not know they are OPC as most of the nests I see are in fir type trees.

Those are the pine processionary caterpillars - very evil also.

They have only just arrived here and I have been encouraging our commune to do something about it, as right now you can count the trees affected. Leave it a year or two and it will be awful.

We don’t walk the dog anywhere we near them.

Yiur can find out if your commune has taken action

Localement, la lutte contre l’insecte peut être imposée par arrêté préfectoral ou municipal.

Certaines villes ont pris conscience de l’impact de ce nuisible sur notre environnement et appliquent un arrêté municipal obligeant chaque année, avant la fin de la première quinzaine du mois de mars, les propriétaires ou les locataires à supprimer mécaniquement les cocons élaborés par les chenilles processionnaires du pin et à les incinérés ainsi qu’à un traitement annuel préventif à la formation de ces cocons avant la fin du mois de septembre sur les végétaux susceptibles d’être colonisés par les chenilles.

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Our friends who are not far from you are controlled…

Gosh, I had no idea. I have never seen the PPC nests in our immediate area, but there are plenty of oaks that I used to walk through with my dog!

Seems there are various Processionary Caterpillars and all are nasty… so watch out for yourselves and for animals.

I raised it at the Meilleurs Voeux, but no one really takes any notice, either here or in the next village.

Hi caterpillar-watchers
We were amazed yesterday ( bright sunny day here in the Lot 46 ) to see our first column of these pesky critters, and just managed to stop our dog treading on them in time.
I reckon this is at least 6 weeks before we have ever seen them before in our 12 years here.
You have been warned !!

@Montcuqois. What area are you in?

Have you alerted people locally?



Yep - have now !