OBE order of the British empire and honour for contribution to the British Empire

Continuation .....perhaps of the question of are you being British or merely touching

a tender spot where even these hounarable people who are praised for the wonders they have

performed for their country have started to taint the landscape.

What a wonderful achievement...I guesse for those who have served their country in setting an

example and amazing everyone with their abilities.

When will money shiver away from the picture and allow the personification of self projection

fade from the stage?

How do they choose these gallant Cavailiers of glory?

Who chooses them and how are they checked out?


Is it important for you to be rude? Does it make you feel good?

And David some of the posts are very simple refering to every day


We picked Strawberries yesterday, we had them after tea and they were lovely.

Jane if you think about it....

When you discuss you are, infact speaking aloud the thoughts which are on your mind.

And then you wait for comments re the subject....then it continues.

Not sure why you are saying "If you dont want people to reply, dont post"

I am not refering, by the way to those people who have achieved acknowlegement for

their bravery a service to UK.
But if you fail to see and hear my views I will understand and as we are 2 completly different

people with different ideas.

Getting back to my ideas. I am curious about the leaders and the honoured who look for ways to

avoid the taxes. The very taxes which help with the upkeep of the country.

Just another subject just as relevant as Did you pick strawberries yesterday?

Point very well made David. I can't imagine what must have happened in that short space of time, but assume it was slightly more than a gardener who had a thorn in his side.

Why on earth did you post this Barbara, or any other for that matter, if all you achieve is talking aloud and listening for comments.

If you don't want people to reply, don't post!!

I agree that some people don't deserve them but most Military ones are hard earned, I got the BEM (British Empire Medal) in the Queens Birthday Honours in 1982 for the Falklands. The following year Maggie Thatchers gardener got the same medal in the Civil Division for 10 years service, it only took me a few minutes to get mine.

I am sure that some of them perform very gallant dutiesBUT some of them are not;
What do we ever achive with a discussion....just talking alound and listiening for


You just made one.

I am not sure what you are trying to get with this discussion.

The honours are awarded twice a year in the New Years Honours and the Queens Birthday Honours. For Civilians to get an honour the procedure can be found here http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Governmentcitizensandrights/UKgovernment/Honoursawardsandmedals/TheUKHonourssystem/index.htm. For Military Personnel the procedure is different.

Your comment "How do they choose these gallant Cavailiers of glory?" sounds a little sarcastic, some people who receive these honours put themselves in harms, in the service of there Queen & Country for your protection.