Obtaining bike licence

I have just registered my Honda 125 scooter in France and am searching for insurance - any advice would be welcome.

Also my wife is keen to ride the scooter but only has a (UK) car licence (since 1979). What is the most time and cost efficient method to get her a licence that will allow her to ride the scooter?

Many thanks in anticipation


We use Mutuelle des Motards & AXA
I read this and kept my licence. http://vosdroits.service-public.fr/F1757.xhtml
I pay about 150euros “tous risques” a year, And pay franchise 150 euros.
Hope this helps. I got stopped once for checks but no comment was made about my licence & all was ok.
Good luck

It is, all held up by Kawasaki one insurer told me my bike was a very high performance model and i would have difficulty he obviously knew nothing about the job he was doing or didnt want to insure bikes there is a 100bhp limit in France and the bike is a tourer with 98 BHP uk insurance is £66 for me

Sounds very frustrating. Best of luck.

Thanks Ian

Insurance cost is horrendous here i am battling with Kawasaki at the moment to get a letter from them to

acknowledge that my model was actualy imported into France as its pre letter of conformity also a number of insurance agents have refused to insure until i get French plates , cant get French plates until i take it to a consessionaire to be inspected, cant take it until i get insurance , maybe tell a few porkies get it insured in the uk go for the inspection then change to French plates but after i hear from Kawasaki, round and round we go

Hi Ken,

I suggest that she changes her UK licence for a French Permis B - this will allow her to ride a motorcycle of up to 125cc.

See the regulations in France and in the UK.

 Ian G