Of all the rotten timings

Hurray were back in France, it is so lovely to be back home I cannot tell you how much!

But, having done the supermarket shop, met with our architect and collected our Christmas tree we spent the morning cooking up a lovely lunch and some Christmas tree shaped chocolate cakes with the girls. The kitchen as a result was a tip.

The living room was full of boxes of Christmas decorations and upstairs I was in the middle of sorting out the girls clothes into their wardrobe after unloading the car.

We were just about to sit down for lunch and brrrring, the doorbell went. It was Monsieur Immobilier wanting to do a viewing on the house - oh…cripes. I stood there shocked, not knowing what to say or do…I had been living in wonderful bliss of being back home and totally forgotten that the house is up for sale. I’d forgotten to tell the agents we were back & to give us warning. I managed to smile and say excuse us, we’ve just got back…in the middle of lunch…doing the Christmas tree…ahhh. I shot upstairs and quickly made the beds in the girls room, shoved their clothes in the wardrobes, checked the bathrooms, tidied the office and left hubby to fend for himself with feeding time at the zoo.

In came the visitors, French from the North apparently. Chatting to the husband and the girls...probably thinking what an untidy house...oh goodness I was so embarrassed.

Now I'm sitting here, tree looks fantastic, house is immaculate again. Very happy to be home. Oh well I don't think they'll be buying. Nevermind, I love my house. It's so good to be home.

And now I can’t forget as we’ve put twinkling lights round the sign - well it amuses me anyway :slight_smile:

What a pretty house, Suzanne. And the viewers certainly could see how warm and welcoming it was instead of cold, grim, and dirty. That's what we've usually seen on offer down here. Best of luck finding a buyer1

each house we’ve bought in France has had rat poison on show which we always found amusing.

Typical isnt it,

but In my experience Suzanne French people never seem to care what the house looks like. When we were looking to buy our property they were all absolute tips! Most of the properties we viewed the agents had taken photos of rooms with the beds unmade, toilets with the seat up and the kitchen-well, word cant describe.

Marketing properties in the way we know it has not arrived here yet so worry not. I am sure they were charmed by your domestic goddess activities so stand by for an offer in the NY.

It looks like you were having a lovely time and who cares anyway! It's Christmas :)

Lovely house as well.

Joyeux Noël xxx