Off to Paris!

First break for us in what seems like years.

Will eventually end up this weekend - and for several nights after- in the Latin Quarter/5 e

We know sort of the area - love rue Mouffetard- but know there are many people that know much more than us.

Any 'hidden gems' on the Left Bank you might like to share? Bistros, brocantes etc?

Yours in a holiday mood - but a bit nervous about the oncoming freeze - John

Merci a tous for the suggestions, even the silly ones ( you know who you are )

Off tomorrow and snow not withstanding, WILL make it to the city of lights.

So saying, tried to get to a galette party this evening just outside of Bourges.

Had to turn back after a few impromptu Torvill & Dean moments - bet they never tried it in a car - their set pieces, I mean ... on skates...

Enjoy the white stuff, if you also have some down your way.

Ah yes; I remember it well........vive le committee!

... (david rosemont) and do I also ask for the set of teeth you left behind in the bedside water glass ?- we will not mention the other items ( which as you discovered at the last moment,did not 'come`with batteries )...

Fifi La Motte (cage aux fous), 3rd floor walk up (no lift. no Stannah), 7 Passage du Desir, just off the Rue Paradis, don't mention my name.......she's on her pension by now...............please ask her to return my uniform........not that it would fit me anymore....

If you like a good cheap curry try the SABRAJ at lunchtime (menu 10€). It is not far from the Institut Curie (you can visit the museum there too) 175 rue St Jacques, 75005.

Have a great time and look forward to hearing where you've been !!

The Galerie Vivienne is beautiful

Once you've stuffed yourselves at all those good retaurants mentioned,go to Palais Royal;walk through the gardens up to rue des Petits Champs,theres the Galerie Vivienne over to the right,a beautiful but chic passage.If you go left down Petits Champs theres the Passage Choisel on the right,careful you can easy miss the entrance.The Passages in Paris are like stepping back to the 60's.Theres another big one off les Grands Boulevards. In the 3rd theres la marché des enfants rouges,small eating places for lunch,a bit hectic. Of course just wandering round The Marais / Bastille is good.

The jardin Branly would no doubt look good horizontally from a bench or gutter opposite- did you sell any works at your recent show?

(Silly response to Alexander Keith Watson)

Quay Branley Musée garden looked quite normal to me on the last visit, but I had dropped a tab of acid ( possibly from my Exmouth supplier ) which might explain much...

  • Bonne Annee John et Martine
  • Not exactly latin Quarter but v near musee Branly, Tour Eifel etc
  • I have much enjoyed and not ruinously expensive
  • Au Bon Accueil
  • Address: 14 rue de Monttessuy, 7e, Around the Eiffel Tower, Paris, 75007 | Map It
  • Phone: 01-47-05-46-11
  • Website:
  • It's quite small so you need to book or be there promptly at noon or 8pm- fills up rapidly with locals

Whenever I go anywhere I check out for places to eat, drink and be merry recommended by travellers in the area I'm going to. A couple of weeks ago in Paris I visited the Left bank (although not in the latin quarter)and went to a lovely brasserie-style restaurant in Rue du Commerce called Café du Commerce. Do not confuse it with a scruffy café of the same name on the same street ! The restaurant has fresh fish/seafood on show at the entrance and is galleried on three levels so you can "look down" on fellow diners if you've reserved a table on the third floor. Service was excellent, menu was very good, wine not too expensive - in all, very good value for money in a city that can be very expensive in the touristy areas. We paid about €40 a head for a very good quality 3 course meal incl house wine in very nice surroundings. I would recommend the trip advisor web-site to all SFN members, the more people who review places for the site the better.

The roof of the Institut du Monde Arabe has a great view of Paris. Then, walk along the quai (ideally when the bouquinists are open) cross at the bridge with a ton of locks on it onto Ile St Louis, Notre Dame, etc.


I live in the 7th and frequent 2 restaurants, 1 is Cafe Constant, Rue St cant book, just show up..fab fab fab, updated french cuisine from the michelin star chef Christian Constant, but without the price tag..and the other is Fish La Boissonnerie 69 rue de Seine 75006, owned by a kiwi chef, and the kitchen produces a fantastic menu using organic produce, quaint deco,the front window made up of original tiles is gorgeous, good service and a menu for about 25 euros, good wine selection, but get in early..

John I'll give you a few amazing places to walk around,just got to get the streets and such like sorted out.à +

If you are looking for second hand books, I like the Abbey bookshop, near Musée Cluny at 29 Rue de la Parcheminerie, 75005 Paris. It's not far from the better known Shakespeare & Co, on the Left Bank. Just round the corner from the Abbey Bookshop there's a Georgian restaurant where you can eat well and economically: 6, rue Boutebrie, also in the 5eme.

Free loos: the toilets are before the ticket barriers, inside the entrance "hangar" of the Centre Pompidou. They are just behind the queues for tickets, in the corner.