Hello all,

So in March I came back to France after having to go back to Mexico, my home country, to get my spouse visa at the French consulate in Mexico City. The day after getting back, I mailed the passport page, visa page and OFII form with the consulate stamp (copies of course, I mean) to the OFII office in Rouen (I live on the outskirts).

It is marked that you will receive your "convocation" for the medical visit and to sign the "contrat d'integration" and all within 3 months. However, up until last week, I had had no news. So I called them, and over the phone they said "they could not find me" in their system and that they would look and call me back. I called back again the next day since they had NOT called me back, and got the same story. So the day after, I went down in person with my avis de reception and armed with all my papers and copies.

Turns out, after 3 people searching for 20 minutes, they admitted to having lost my papers, but since I had proof that I had mailed it (plus additional copies of everything) they created an "urgent" file or whatever for me and now, hopefully, I will get my RDV so that I can get the stamp and finally be able to move on and continue with all the other paperwork that is on hold due to this.

Has anyone else had any good/bad experiences with OFII???? I'd love to hear, I wonder if I just have "la poisse" all of the time or if this type of thing happens to others as well.