Oh dear, time for spelling and grammar lessons

We all get spam emails from time to time but the worst spelling purporting to come from SFR just arrived- Llivrraisonn. Think they mean livraison or delivery in english but anyway on seeing the sender name, just deleted it immediately. These idiots if they want to scam people, should learn spelling and grammar first. That could have come from a welsh-speaking scandinavian I suppose.

Its amazing how poorly educated Nigerian Princes are. I keep getting emails from them wanting to me share their wealth with them but I cant really make out what they have actually written, so I decline to reply :rofl: :rofl:


It may have been misspelt intentionally in an attempt to circumvent your email provider’s spam filters. Other techniques involve sending an embedded image containing the text of the email, because the spam filter is just looking for keywords and cannot decipher images.


We had a real Nigerian Princess at Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School.
However, as there are many nations in Nigeria, it was not as amazing as you might think.


When I lived in S Africa I got an unsolicited email from a person with a Nigerian looking name who claimed to be the manager of a Standard Bank branch in Capetown (sic)

I can’t imagine any S African bank ever appointing a Nigerian to any level of post including that of janitor, but I assume, that even if they did, they’d expect the appointee to be able to correctly spell the name of the ‘Mother City’.

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Kaapstad, godverdomme!