Oh, Dear, What can the matter be

For once, a “disappearance” story has a happy, even funny, ending…

well, it made me want to burst into song… :wink::wink::wink:

It was comforting to know that the lost lady was not at all worried… she waited patiently for someone to arrive and open the door… :hugs:

hope she had a good book with her. ladies toilets always smell much nicer than mens lol.

Last year my sister in law (she has a holiday home close to us) went to the loo in the municipal car park in Aubusson, one of those stainless steel box things. The door wasn’t closed so in she went, the door closed behind her and…
The lights went out and it went into it’s self cleaning cycle. Of couse, she was terrified but no matter how much screaming and shouting, the door wouldn’t open so she got a fully clothed shower. Fortunately, she can now see the funny side to it. We just found it hilarious from the start​:joy::joy:


hahaha one of my very fears is that.