Oh dear...!

This has just popped up on another forum of which I am a member.

"Can anyone tell me whether moving my solar pool heater from a sunny position to a shady position will affect its potential to heat the pool?"

I wonder what their job is?

I don't think Thornley does irony VĂ©ronique.

Brain surgeon? One of ones who wore wellies, a knotted handkerchief on their head and said Gumbie every few seconds!

Why not forget all about heating the pool and wear a wet suit?

What a brilliant ides for exercising the grandchildren.

You're just teasing us now, Dave, you silver-tongued charmer.

Or rig up a spotlight (pointing at the panels) to a giant hamster-wheel with a dynamo and train your dog or children to run on it?

Pray tell me how?

"Enjoy the moment rather than telling us what to do & savour the time I took my OH to Van Gogh's Night Cafe for breakfast only to find it closed"

I do at times wonder what medication some of the members of this forum are on!

For a more portable solution a number of handheld torches would be workable, providing you can employ enough people to hold them of course. At night the employees would obviously need some form of heating, perhaps your fuel oil boiler could be used during 'non sunny' periods to keep everyone toasty. As you can probably tell, I'm a solutions guy...

I don't see the problem with moving the panel to a shady position, so long as it is still sunny. If it is not then by the judicious use of halogen lamps, put close to the panels, you might even get more heat than if the panels were in full sun, but without the halogen lighting. Alternatively, you could plumb the panels into a fuel oil boiler in which case they would work very well indeed in the absolute dark. A ground source heat pump is another option for making them work in the shade. If you could put me in touch with the man who asked the question I would be happy to advise him on a consultancy basis. Sun is not an essential to make solar panels work...

are you for real, Dave...? :-O

thank you Mark and Jane, I think we're on the same wave-length ;-)

Being inane now and again adds a bit of fun to life.

I think, Dave, that you might have missed the point of my post?

We all sometimes say things which should be obvious which we then get reminded of so we laugh at ourselves & others. Solar heaters use the heat of the sun to provide the energy so if you put them out of the sun you will not get the heat - it's so obvious that to ask the question is seriously dumb! You might as well ask "If I hold my breath for an hour will I still live?"

Enjoy the moment rather than telling us what to do & savour the time I took my OH to Van Gogh's Night Cafe for breakfast only to find it closed...

Yet another inane comment. How about growing up or shutting up!

that makes three, no four now...! :-D

Couple of really useful replies!

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