Oh Heck Tax Qs - Child Maintenance

(Aly Challoner Jones) #1

here we go again…trying to find sensible answers to yet another Brit/France/Ex in UK type question.

Ok…have more or resolved my previous issue. Thanks to confirmations in this forum and some good friends both French and Brit in my social circles.

Here’s another… we’ve never had a court case regarding divorce, child custody (residency) or maintenance. In fact, our lawyers were so useless I ended up making an offer…which we bounced back and forth via email…agreed and instructed respective lawyers accordingly.

For a while there was some agreed monthly figures…which then stopped. Now it’s a few quid when sports fees come up.

There’s no pension alimentaire or otherwise and hasn’t been for some time.

However…if said ex were to get a job, come out of retirement and pay a regular figure (before pigs fly) what would it come under in terms of tax? Given it’s paid after tax of course in UK.

Who’s been in my situation or knows of similar? Thanks y’all <3

(Graham Lees) #2

I think you would have to declare the income…

(Timothy Cole) #3

Declare the income as ‘Pension Alimentaire’.

(Aly Challoner Jones) #5

Thanks…chances are pigs will fly first anyways…

(Aly Challoner Jones) #6

Isn’t that only when it’s with a court ruling in France?

(Timothy Cole) #7

No it applies to any child maintenance received either via a court order or by private arrangement. We asked our local tax office where to declare it on the tax form and there’s actually a box titled Pension Alimentaire so it was kind of obvious.

(Aly Challoner Jones) #8

Got it…

How do they tax it? When tax has already been paid on UK child maintenance before it’s sent to the parent?