Oh no disaster

Having just taken ownership of our new maison secondaire we left our selves short of time to depart for the airport, foolish but the weather was nice. In error I pressed the grey button to turn off the power (I believe it should be the red), the power went off although I did not press the button hard. No matter what I try it wont go back on, is it broken do you think. To the left is the EDF incomer and below is the consumer unit. Above the switch there is a little tag I assume an EDF seal as the live side of the switch cannot be isolated I assume other than by an EDF electrician.

Appreciate your thoughts other than attempting to convey the issue to EDF from home.

As James says. Keep it pushed in hard, hesitate then let go, it should be OK. It is an over-current disconnecter, looks pretty new at that, so no need for an electrician.

Press the black button hard to turn it back on!