Oh what a beautiful morning

The wind blew during last night and the beautiful warm sunny weather this morning came as a bit of a surprise. Perhaps it’s the calm before the next storm but it’s lovely outside at the moment.
How have others fared with the storms?

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Friends in Jarnac tell me that they heard nothing last night…but I suspect that was due to their intake of wine with supper…:wink:

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About 12 hours without electricity here in Charente Maritime, and the wind was ferocious. Still have a roof over our heads which is all that matters really.

I love Jarnac. If we had bought in the west it would have been either or Vertaillac.
We have had huge gusts here in the Clunysois, but it is just a grey day.

Yippee… it’s Sunday and the baker’s van arrived… fresh baked bread etc and wonderful savouries and cakes…

Plus, the baker has told me that he saw some grus passing in the last couple of days… so despite the gusts and torrential rain…Spring cannot be far away…

I’ll drink to that…:wink:.

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