Oh What a Circus


That’s a pretty bad state for a state to be in. Says it all.


It’s not that bad. A Hard Brexit is now much more unlikely as Aileen Foster wants to stay in the Customs Union and keep an open border with Eire and Theresa May needs her votes. Jeremy Corben has no overall majority so will find it hard to implement his more radical plans.
We now have Sir Vince Cable back in the House and, hopefully, as the new leader for the Lib Dems.

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It might be better (at first sight) as far as Brexit is concerned but whatever the shape and colour of Brexit we end up with the UK needs to have a strong government, a strong financial centre and a strong manufacturing industry. Relying on British consumers who want to buy German cars and the like is very odd Economics at best. Being, for today at least, the laughing stock of the World us not going to help at all.

Jaguar is doing very well.

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That well known Indian owned company.

Employing British workers.

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Might be owned by Tata but its still a British company

Anyway, prefer David Essex version.

I prefer the version sung by the Düsseldorf Dramatik but the lyrics are the same whichever version.
Owned by Tata but still British? Clutching at straws?

The Tata group is a global enterprise headquartered in India, its a shame they don’t have a stake in Orange, French internet is total crap because Orange won’t update its cable and equipment. Anyway Jaguar is headquartered in UK.
Düsseldorf Dramatik, never heard of them, did a youtube search, zilch.

I suggest you do an Internet search on Orange’s fibre optic status. Simon put up a link recently that allows you to see where they’re at and when each and every hamlet will be online. It’s already in my, very rural, small commune but I will have to wait a short while before it’s available to me. It makes impressive reading. A bit like the Paris to Bordeaux LGV, planned, built and about to go into operation all while HS2 has been argued about. I presume you don’t live in France as you seem to try to run it down at every opportunity.

Utter rubbish @anon29800096 ! I have internet speeds of 45-50Mbps in the foothills of the Pyrenees - no cables, no satellite.

Bully for you then, I live 7 k from nearest village with an exchange, my speed at best is 1 meg. Also theres no 4G here so its not utter rubbish. Orange will not invest fibre contrary to their promises over the last 7 years. Why are you and David Martin always so bloody obtuse and rude? Shame I can’t post a pic of a speedtest result then perhaps I can show I’m not lying as you suggest.


That was 2013, they’re slow to invest here if at all.

I don’t run down France at every opportunity AH you know damn well I live here.

You missed the point again @anon29800096 . Your latest sweeping statement was…

Well patently it isn’t as mine is brilliant as is the 4g network.

I was referring to my immediate area, There’s also a whole village 5k from me with no access to internet. Can’t even get 3G let alone 4G, best I can get with the phone is H+ in fact there are many villes in Dordogne, Lot et garonne, Gironde with little to no internet access hence my statement French internet is crap. I also understand there are places in UK with little to no internet but I don’t live in UK otherwise I’d be saying UK internet is crap.

@Lee - yes, you would, because at least in my experience, it is crap, certainly outside of any urban areas, and even then it depends on the city. Over the last three years or so I have been to various parts of the UK on business, and only this year did I manage to get some 4G in a few rare places. The rest was 3G or less.

Let me see:

  • South Devon (Newton Abbot, Torquay) : crap, not even 3G most of the time - at the time, the main 3G mast was down !
  • Stirlingshire, Central Belt, Scotland in general : crap anywhere else outside of Edinburgh and Glasgow
  • Just south of Middlesbrough (crap)
  • Pendeen, Cornwall (Fibre broadband in hotel, otherwise 3G signal)
  • Ashford, Kent - 4G now, but only recently
  • Portsmouth - crap: 2G, 3G if extremely lucky
  • Bradford-on-Avon: 3G
  • Leeds city centre : 4G
  • Manchester city centre : 4G
  • Clwyd (Bangor, Caernarfon, Lleyn Peninsula): crap 3G occasionally, mostly 2G

OK, so there are still vast areas of the country I haven’t been to yet, but the picture isn’t brilliant either.

Last time I was in the UK I wanted to pay for my Dartford crossing using my smartphone. My daughter lives in south east London, I couldn’t get a decent signal from any operator inside or near her house. Not to worry, I was meeting my son for lunch in Canterbury, no signal there either. They both said that was quite normal. Up to that point I’d presumed that the whole of the UK was covered by high speed 3G or 4G. Quite a revelation. I ended up paying for it once I was back in rural France.

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