Oh you poor things!

I just wanted to share with all the other poor things a conversation I had with a family member.

I hadn't seen this person for some time, so as you would expect we had a lot of catching up to do, the conversation was going well......then all of a sudden there it was, a question i never thought i would have to answer.........are you ready......sure?

OK........QUESTION.. what do you do for food in the winter you poor things?

I think i said pardon, then he repeated the question and i replied.....we go to the supermarket!!

Really, I wasn't sure if you had those over there.

Yes i replied and we have running water and electricity too!!

He looked at me for what seemed like 15 minutes, smiled and said GREAT.

I didn't dare tell him about the flushing toilet we have upstairs.

This is a true story.

are you related to my husbands family?? lol