Ohhhh, sounds dangerous to me

The daughter of refugees, who herself seems to hate refugees is at it again. Priti by name shitty by nature?

Yes - my eye was also caught by the statement by the inspector of constabulary Andy Cooke that 'police forces are not “the thought police” and should focus on dealing with actual offences and should ‘avoid “politics with a small P”’.

Nothing at all controversial in the statement - except the fact that he was moved to say it.


Has this Inspector just awoken from a 20 year long coma? The British police have been a political organisation this entire century.


All this whilst her latest proposals to send refugees to Rwanda are deemed illegal by many highly regarded legal minds!

Just read an amusing article…. seems Rwanda wants more than illegal immigants sent to them :face_with_hand_over_mouth: There could be trouble ahead……

Indeed - actually for several centuries (you can read accounts of overtly political use of the police back into the 19th century - and of course many of us remember what Thatcher did with them).

But still - he has been alarmed enough by the extremism of the current UK government to speak out now.