Oil tank leak

We could do with some help and advice please. Our recently acquired maison secondaire has an oil tank in the courtyard which has developed a leak. Just not sure if there are specialists who deal with this sort of thing or if it would be a chauffagiste? We think we may need a new tank, clear up of spill and transfer of what oil is left in the old tank. We are in dept 85

someone suggested to me recently, that if all else fails, ask the fioul delivery company, if they know who or where the local chauffigistes are.

Oh good! This may be a massive generalisation but I tend to find that if I have a problem with anything like that, asking whover I've had in (doing work that is at least vaguely related to it) for advice usually gets things done much faster & more efficiently, if they can't do it they know someone who can & usually I don't end up with some cowboy...

Thank you very much Veronique that is very helpful. I have spoken to a local chauffagiste who is sending someone out tomorrow.

It's worth talking to a chauffagiste who will be able to supply a new tank and probably know someone who cleans them out - I didn't need to change mine but had it cleaned by a chap who turned up with a sort of wetsuit & helmet with a respirator, first he pumped out the tank through a filter into a temporary tank he brought along and then he got inside the fuel tank (it is buried in the garden) & cleaned out all the sandy sludgy stuff that had accumulated on the bottom over the years. I got his name from my chauffagiste, unfortunately I'm too far away from you for him to be of use to you. I had it done when the tank was practically empty, it had about 400 litres left in it. He didn't charge very much as I remember, for what is a horrible job.