Old lady's prayer ( you can substitute names if you want)

In church I heard a lady in the pew next to me saying a prayer.

It was so sweet and sincere that I just had to share with you:-

"Dear Lord,

This has been a tough two or three years.

You have taken my favourite actor Patrick Swayze.

My favourite pop singer Michael Jackson.

My favourite Blues Singer Amy Winehouse.

My favourite actress Elizabeth Taylor.

And now my favourite singer Whitney Houston.

I just wanted you to know that my favourite politicians are

Ed Miliband, Tony Blair, Nick Clegg, Ed Balls, Gordon Brown & John Bercow, Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.

aye lad!

Brian, I did say you can substitute names! I’m sure your substitutes’d be the same as mine!

Hm, hm, where are Cameron and Osborne, chuck in Gove and a few others for good measure, or am I earning my place on her list?

Fantastic- if we all said it together, at the same time- it just might work lol