Old neighbour and friend but he needs help

Yes, you can upload photos, videos you’ll need to link to them on Youtube or wherever :slight_smile:

I suggest you ignore innuendo Michael. No-one is in a position to know your motives, except that you have expressed strong affection for the chap and feel a similarly strong urge to help him.

People remote from the situation are entitled to speculate about your motivation, but to imply or even to hint that it is tainted is just plain wrong, and disreputable in the extreme.

People have offered their perspectives and you have obviously considered them. But you have nothing to prove, Michael. Don’t let yourself be bullied into anything. If we can help we will, as long as what you do doesn’t transgress the law of France.


Thanks Peter.

This subject took an unexpected turn.

I think I’m just going to call the emergency services every time he falls instead of picking him up. After a few times they might do something better.

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Good for you… that is the correct procedure.

If you discover your infirm and elderly neighbour has fallen down… you should not move him, you phone 112 and give the Pompiers all the details. :relaxed:

The 112 number is free from fixed and mobile phones…


I am glad you have come to this decision.
It is tge right thing to do and you can still look after the dogs.

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Again thank you almost all. X

It’s hard as a retired fireman to let go. I’m twitching because I haven’t visited today. His dogs are here on and off. I feed them.

I’ve got to let it go.

XXXXX to all for kind advice.


Spoken like a through-and-through professional. There is a professional code of ethics that puts service to others before consideration of self, even at risk of personal injury or worse, but not to the jeapardy of colleagues or others.

Whatever has been instilled in you through years training, discipline and experience there are always times when the decision must be your own, and on your own responsibilty, success or failure. Thus your ailing neighbour.

No-one, I think, can have any doubt about your integrity, and of your enduring sense of service to others in need, especially as you had to act in the moment, and unsupported by wise others at the time.

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