Old oil tank removal

Can anyone advise us on how we can remove our old tank from our house which is in a part of the house that is not very accessable. Are there any french rules and regulations regarding the removal at all ?

At the moment we can only think of somehow dismantling it and getting it out through the doors.

Are there any contractors that deal with this issue.

Any helpful advise and suggestions will be gratefully recieved.


well thanks for that info Andrew i will see how we can check for gases etc perhaps find someone willing to do it for us that know all about it and not blow the house up! at least we know it can be done somehow as it is such a waste of space.

I was a blacksmith in a previous life so I just used my 9" angle grinder ;-)

But I had ensured that there were no explosive gases in the tank before I started!

IT is a rusty old metal one ....how did you mange to cut it up?

Just a word of warning - Watch out using naked flames or producing sparks or heat as the residue in the bottom can give off explosive gases. Is it an old steel one or plastic? I cut a steel one up to make my self a forge in my workshop...