Old photos of your little corner of France

Evidence of horse dung on the street and not a motor vehicle in sight. That may give a clue, perhaps. It’s interesting that everyone looks to be in their Sunday best, and all looking at the camera (including the dog, what’s in it for her/him?) . An intriguing image, I will look the place up on my atlas, thanks for posting it @Al_Rogers.

1907? approx… Al
Scroll down for the date on the stamps on the link here.


Thanks for your research, Tracey. That postcard website is a fascinating resource.

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You’re welcome, :hugs: just being neighbourly as I don’t live that far from you (24)



Wow @bob_sivell! Such a wonderfully atmospheric picture. Sometimes ‘naive’ and technically deficient images in ‘modern’ terms are more moving than any glib photoshopped stuff. Maybe I’m just a sentimental one-foot-in-the-grave relic of a distant era (Instant Vera according to spellchecker).

What are those carriages called. Call to mind the jolly French song about the trottinoir. The big wheels are like those in the old picture of our own house, which is also in the old Quartier Gare.

That’s so recognisible. The view is almost the same today but with cars of course!

Loving this thread and all the old photo’s…can I diverge slightly:
I can totally understand your fixation Peter as I have exactly the same feeling when trying to find houses on t’internet from French sites on Google maps (which I do a great deal, being as I wish to live in France again sometime soon). I can almost always find any advertised house as long as there are enough photo’s of the property (agents like to keep the actual location secret for fear of being usurped) and I get immense satisfaction when I locate said property. Too much time on my hands I guess.

Recognize this, Mandy ?

I’ve been trying to find the name of those carriages Peter…no luck thus far.

Hi Bob
hippomobile / voiture hippomobile ou calèche

Or are you searching for a specific make / brandname like Milord?

A little late as it’s been a very busy week. Here are some postcards of out are of France (Golfe de St Tropez), I love the older ones before the rich and famous claimed it as their playground. I also love the old train/tram station photos of the area as there aren’t any lines here now, where the tramway ran from Grimaud through St Maxime, les Issambres etc. and on to St Raphael is now road.There are existing train lines past Les Issambres but nothing from there back this way. Posting a couple at a time as it went a bit mad the other day when I tried to post several all at once :woozy_face:

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image image

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Is that where the boulangerie used to be on the left and on the right the old boucherie, looking towards Mazamet?

How about this one


Above photo is in the high village…they obviously hadn’t yet built the old folks home, further down on the left

That’s right. The 2 tiny houses, far left, are still there but the building next door (with the vine between the two floors) has been replaced by 2 large houses, one of which my friend lived in for a couple of years.

I think Mandy is busy turning this place into a little corner of France :thinking::hugs::hugs:


Bless Canvey and bless Mandy too!

There are still a few vestiges of old Canvey around - the strong Dutch influence and the ‘settler’ influence of total independence from the rule-from-above norm.

But they do look, and the island itself does look a bit forlorn now IMO (it’s a few years since I last set foot there, maybe 5). It has been grossly over-developed with houses too big for the plots they sit on, and can feel claustrophobic to outsiders.

Yet islanders love it still fiercely and there’s a unique spirit, a bit like that around the “travelling people” . You need to mind yer manners on Canvey if you’re not an islander, but they are very warm-hearted if you take them as you find them, and respect their ways.

Lovely old photo. It must have been a great place to live back then. The thatched cottage on the left is still there and is lived in. The well is gone, of course, and the pub in the background is now a Co-Op!

Sadly, Canvey is full of UKIP/Brexit Party supporters and no-one could possibly succeed in turning it into a little corner of France. I will be so happy to leave, it can’t come too soon.

As you say @Peter_Goble it is claustrophobic with narrow streets and way too much development. Getting on/off the Island has become a nightmare. Not only that, it is now on the flight path for a much-expanded Southend Airport and the oil refineries are still here - this makes it noisy and smelly as well.

A true paradise! :crazy_face::rofl:

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