'Oles in the lawn

(Bill Morgan) #49

Nice if you can kindly suggest, they trot off elsewhere, your place? :slightly_smiling_face:

(Helen Wright) #50

I have never heard you suggest drowning or any sort of cruelty bill …only deterrents…some of which I have on my “when it gets unbearable list”…

I guess when you share your life with a dog then there’s always gonna be that uncrossable boundary and then a compromise between the perfect garden and the not so perfect garden and the trying to live with nature garden that is a work in progress between all whether two legs or four …??? (With love)

(Bill Morgan) #51

:+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

(Bill Morgan) #52

Just a min’ ago, B’ found a toad in the Dogs water, more from “Wind in The Willows”. :rofl:

(Elisabeth Morgan) #53

Not so funny when it’s dark and you realise your dog’s water bowl is alive !

(Bill Morgan) #54

Just loaded a pic of ‘Toad’ Helen :slightly_smiling_face:

(Bill Morgan) #55

:heart: :kissing_closed_eyes:

(Carol Lavinia Fraser) #56

We were in despair. Holes kept on appearing despite two bangers which were meant to frighten them off. A friends recommended at a debardeur. It’s a bit harsh but you bvury it in the lawn in his latest hole and when it revisits it blows him up. Worked for us no more mole. Bit expensive about €60

(Bill Morgan) #57

Maybe I’m too soft, (60€ :open_mouth: or to mean) anyway, hate killing them, just want to suggest they seek ‘pastures new’ :wink:

(Mark Robbins) #58

The " detaupeur " only thing that really works :astonished::rofl:

(Bill Morgan) #59

Sad tho’, innit! :thinking: A laughing matter ???

(Helen Wright) #60

I used to have two water bowls outside front and back but soon as I found a toad in one…not to mention all manner of other wildlife…I now keep all water bowls inside…I have a large bucket just inside my back door and haven’t found a toad in it since…Last year was getting ridiculous with the amount of hedgehogs and toads that my Collies insisted on depositing in the lounge for me to deal with…lol…x :slight_smile:

(Helen Wright) #61

My random mole is still here…strimming every three weeks or so not too short unless I lose my grip on the strimmer and scalp the grass…I thought he/they had retired to the wilderness where it doesn’t matter…not that I’m bothered really…,I just don’t want my neighbours to be bothered by les animaux sous le terre…it’s been quiet for a couple of weeks but tonight I have a fresh mountain of soft earth to flatten underfoot…x :slight_smile:

(Bill Morgan) #62

:rofl: :heart:

(stella wood) #63


I was once advised to carefully remove the “mountain” of soil, without letting the hole fill/collapse. That way, the mole continues to patrol his tunnels. If you squash the earth, the tunnel collapses and the mole becomes active again in an attempt to open-up the blocked tunnel… thus sending up a new “mountain”.

That was how one “old boy” explained things to me… and the soil you gently gather is meant to be excellent for potting… :relaxed:

(Bill Morgan) #64

Drop of petrole in the tunnel seems to make it, a less than attractive ‘hoose’ :wink:

(Helen Wright) #65

It never fails to fascinate me how ground that seems so compact and solid and difficult to dig into with a spade from above ground…is transformed into the soft filtered finely dug earth sent out by a mole from below ground…I’ll try that tonight…I never intentionally try to collapse their tunnel and block them in (impossible…lol) but sometimes I can still see the tunnel and sometimes not…x :slight_smile:

(stella wood) #66

Back in UK, after carefully removing the above-ground soil, I would place a piece of slate (or whatever) over the open hole… that seemed to help… :relaxed: but have to be careful when mowing… although in Summer, mowing was usually at a minimum.

(Mark Robbins) #67

There is never just one mole, and 2 moles make lots more moles, which makes lots more holes, hills etc. Live with them if you like, I prefer to get rid of/ blow the destructive little buggers up if they invade my gites garden. If they stay outside that, then I have no problem, our cats can deal with them :joy::joy:

(Bill Morgan) #68

Amazed how you find killing so amusing Mark :unamused: