'Oles in the lawn

(Bill Morgan) #41

As ‘critters’ I am fond of moles, but they are a pest, when they intrude on ones patch, and potentially destroy mowers etc, but having read, at an eary age, “Wind in The Willows”, I can’t help finding them ‘:hugs: able’ :wink:

(Chris Kite) #42

My mole traps were a spectacular failure and in fact the only dead mole I’ve seen was a couple of feet up in our chain link fencing. No idea how it got there.

(Ann Coe) #43

Think Great Escape and Steve McQueen Chris, though maybe you are too young to remember the film ! :wink:

(Chris Kite) #44

Of course I remember him, fashion designer in the 90s wasn’t he😉

(Peter Bird) #45

I’m far too young…

(Peter Bird) #46

Cupboard love eh Bill ?

Churchill summed it up :

“I like pigs,
Dogs look up to you,
Cats look down at you,
but pigs, are on the same level as you”.

(Bill Morgan) #47


(Helen Wright) #48

I’ve wondered about these too…I’ve seen bumble bees exiting and entering and voles and field mice…I accept that I also have a random mole…I was strimming today and accidentally strummed the surface off a disused molehill that black ants are using…felt awful watching them scurrying all over so covered them with strimmed grass and half hour later they seemed peaceful again…

I know I also have toads due to my border collies bringing them in at certain times of the year and depositing them in the lounge…This year knowing where the toads are I have purposely left the area to grow wild and inaccessible to my Collies (fingers crossed…!)

My neighbours have windmills and all manner of deterrents…I would hope that the moles and animaux sous le terre whatever they are stay on my side of the boundary…I would never think about putting a hosepipe down a burrow and drowning whatever is down there…that’s just awful…the maternal instinct to safeguard offspring is pretty much global…

It’s easy to distribute soil from a molehill by flattening side to side and/or using freshly excavated earth for potting plants or filling holes that your border collies have dug earlier in search of afore mentioned random moles…x :slight_smile:

(Bill Morgan) #49

Nice if you can kindly suggest, they trot off elsewhere, your place? :slightly_smiling_face:

(Helen Wright) #50

I have never heard you suggest drowning or any sort of cruelty bill …only deterrents…some of which I have on my “when it gets unbearable list”…

I guess when you share your life with a dog then there’s always gonna be that uncrossable boundary and then a compromise between the perfect garden and the not so perfect garden and the trying to live with nature garden that is a work in progress between all whether two legs or four …??? (With love)

(Bill Morgan) #51

:+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

(Bill Morgan) #52

Just a min’ ago, B’ found a toad in the Dogs water, more from “Wind in The Willows”. :rofl:

(Elisabeth Morgan) #53

Not so funny when it’s dark and you realise your dog’s water bowl is alive !

(Bill Morgan) #54

Just loaded a pic of ‘Toad’ Helen :slightly_smiling_face:

(Bill Morgan) #55

:heart: :kissing_closed_eyes:

(Carol Lavinia Fraser) #56

We were in despair. Holes kept on appearing despite two bangers which were meant to frighten them off. A friends recommended at a debardeur. It’s a bit harsh but you bvury it in the lawn in his latest hole and when it revisits it blows him up. Worked for us no more mole. Bit expensive about €60

(Bill Morgan) #57

Maybe I’m too soft, (60€ :open_mouth: or to mean) anyway, hate killing them, just want to suggest they seek ‘pastures new’ :wink:

(Mark Robbins) #58

The " detaupeur " only thing that really works :astonished::rofl:

(Bill Morgan) #59

Sad tho’, innit! :thinking: A laughing matter ???

(Helen Wright) #60

I used to have two water bowls outside front and back but soon as I found a toad in one…not to mention all manner of other wildlife…I now keep all water bowls inside…I have a large bucket just inside my back door and haven’t found a toad in it since…Last year was getting ridiculous with the amount of hedgehogs and toads that my Collies insisted on depositing in the lounge for me to deal with…lol…x :slight_smile: