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Hi My husband and I are hoping to move to france in the next 12 months. I will have a limited nhs pension and with potential other income from gite/b&B ( i know Amanda Lamb has a lot to answer for) I do not think we will even reach the tax threshold at the start.

However it is the social charges (cotisations) that are worrying me.The Tax ( income) system we have a basic understanding of but the cotisations with 12% here and then 40% here. How to register as an EU or a MIcro is where I start to want to cry.

Basicallly if I have to pay over 50% of my income in cotisiations then we will have problems unless the gites create fantastic amounts which I doubt. We are not looking at vast turnover etc probably with a good wind and luck including my pension 14-15K euros per year.

According to some forums I will have to pay 50% on everything including my nhs pension..some say no i will have to pay cotisations of 50% on gite income, some say dont register - thats illigeal surely

I am fully aware of the need for a top up medical cover. and that I would be covered by virtue of payments here for 2 years, but that would still leave me with 10 years before the now increased state pension.

We are also aware that we will be basically broke but believe that this is something we should do now while in good health and youngish! rather than wait untill it is to late. we will be mortgage and debt free and have some funds for the first 2 years.

SAorry for any spelling errors but I am sitting in my garden in east sussex on a lovely warm day and the sun is on the screen



Any advice, encouragment or pointers in the right direction woul be appreciated