On a righter note

We have dying tree on our land which threatens the vines just close by.

By researching the

ownership of the tree at the office of the Marie we discover that we may own the vines....we may have a good

few bottles of wine to give to friends and clients each year.

A little complex but interesting.

The whole story is amusing and began with the salvation of some vines

which are at risk of attack from branches of a dying tree....

Needed to find the owner of tree and vines....seems that it is me.

The story developed .

Cheers Barbara!

Oh good if you are already paying the foncier, what a nice surprise!!

We are probably paying the foncier to include the vines.

The co operative make the wine.

But all will be known eventually.

Up goes your impĂ´t foncier then ;-). Who makes the wine?