On Arriving in France

(David Brenner) #1

We arrive at our new permanent home in Deux Sevres on March 1 (after 11 yrs resident in Italy) and I’m trying to establish a sequence of essentials we need to do to establish a presence in France before March 29.

We’ll have bank accounts by the time we arrive - and I suppose the deeds to our property. Should our first asap calling-off point be the local Mairie to introduce ourselves ?

And then to the Prefecture to set the Carte de Sejour application in motion. Small window of opportunity - as the office involved is only open for two hours once a week. Is it simply a case of arriving and waiting ? Or are appointments generally necessary ? (We’re talking about Niort). See from their website, that Health Insurance, or a European Health Insurance Card is needed as part of the CdeS process. Are all private policies accepted ? On the basis that until we actually have a CdeS, we may well legally continue to be regarded as Italian residents - would our Italian Health Insurance cards be accepted as short/longterm evidence of medical cover ?

And anyone got any thoughts what - if anything - our status would be if - on the 4 available Mondays we have in March - we haven’t managed to lodge our CdeS applications. Thanks


(stella wood) #2

without asking for your new address… will you be in a hamlet, village, small town… or a city?


(David Martin) #3

If you are on Facebook search for RIFT Poitou-Charentes as there is up to date information about Niort there.
My advice would be, if you want to establish a footprint in France don’t rely on anything from your Italian residency.


(David Martin) #4

You will be joining a queue of thousands in the region applying to get an CdS so don’t expect a miracle in March.

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(David Brenner) #5

hamlet abt 2 mins away from the local Mairie (in another hamlet)…and abt an hour from the Prefecture


(David Brenner) #6

Problem is…health care entitlement card…driving licence - and pretty much all else aside from a UK Passport are Italian !


(David Brenner) #7

I don’t - any more than I expected it when we arrived in Italy. But I do need to know if/how I can establish us as a blip on the radar screen to show we arrived/settled in France before Mar 29.

And is the ‘queue of thousands’ you mention waiting hopefully in line since dawn ? Or have they made appointments ?


(David Martin) #8

All I mean is make it look as though you have put down roots. Driving licence is irrelevant, check with the prefecture, they might be happy to accept an Italian issued EHIC as health cover but it will be worth being able to prove that you have applied to the French healthcare system as well.
It’s worth having a good look at this too to decide how quickly you need to apply for a CdS.


(David Brenner) #9

I’ll check on FB - thanks. I’ve looked at the Niort Prefecture site and there is a phone number/email address, which I guess is worth trying to see whether it gets a response - or is ignored…


(David Martin) #10

As I suggested look at the RIFT information, there’s no point in reinventing the wheel. There site will tell you the process for applying in the Deux Severes. La Vienne and La Charente have scrapped their appointment systems recently and now all applications are made by post. I would not be surprised if the DS have done the same.


(stella wood) #11

Sounds a delightful commune… yet, not too far from the bright lights …:relaxed::relaxed:

I suggest you go along to the Mairie and introduce yourselves as the new Owners of such-and-such… and explain that you are now in full-time residence.

It is always useful for the Mairie to be abreast of things… and the Postal Service and other Deliveries will often check at the Mairie if they cannot locate someone’s address…

Ah, another thought. Please make sure that you have a letterbox readily available for the Postal delivery at the edge of your property. (possibly one there already). Mark your names clearly (including maiden name for wife if applicable)… so that there are no misunderstandings, lost letters etc…

While at the Mairie, you might try and get a local bulletin which gives info on what is going on in your area … most places print something at least once a year… and then do try and get yourselves joining in with something… just to get yourselves “seen”… it really does help with the settling-in process… most folk are friendly and will welcome you with broad smiles…

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(David Brenner) #12

I will…thanks again.


(David Brenner) #13

Thanks v. much. Yes…the Mairie will be our first calling point on our first day. Having gone through one seemingly not-dissimilar new arrival process here - though not as time-critical as the French version might be - hopefully whatever awaits us won’t be as intimidating and baffling as our first experience here. And we’ll inherit a mailbox !


(David Martin) #14

This seems to be the current situation.


(David Brenner) #15

That’s useful info. So…and I’ll check this, maybe via RIFT POitou-Charentes… whether this is an email to request an appt…or an email with which to send your completed CdS application


(David Martin) #16

It looks like it’s an email to apply for an appointment. Like the other prefectures that are using a dedicated email address for British applicants.


(Anna Watson) #17

Problem? It sounds a massive advantage to me! An IT issued EHIC will see you through your first three months until you can join PUMA, whereas a UK issued EHIC may become invalid as of 30 March, leaving you to find alernative health insurance for the remaining 2 months. Likewise an Italian driving licence doesn’t risk being invalidated by Brexit. Lucky man :+1:


(Jacqueline de Marigny) #18

We asked our Mayor to provide an attestation showing the date we arrived in our commune-which she did and this was really appreciated by the interviewer at our Prefecture.
Re translating documents-we had too many items translated at great cost. All you need to have translated are your newly issued [ within 3 months] Birth Certificates and Birth Certificates. Passports do not need to be translated. If you have an S1 from Gov UK, then you can just apply for your Carte Vital on arrival.


(Jacqueline de Marigny) #19

Typo -Marriage Certificate or similar contract


(David Brenner) #20

That’s cheered me up no end !