On-line declaration - going a step too far?

I have been posting our tax declaration on line for three years and the online system always does something that floors me somehow. This year after the basic questions about the household there's a button Sélection des rubriques de la déclaration de revenus et annexes. This gives you the following check boxes:


Traitements, salaires, prime pour l'emploi

Pensions, retraites, rentes y compris pensions alimentaires, rentes viagères à titre onéreux
Salaires, gains de levée d'options
Salaires et pensions exonérés retenus pour le calcul du taux effectif
Revenus des valeurs et capitaux mobiliers
Gains de cession de valeurs mobilières, droits sociaux, gains assimilés, plus-values et gains divers
Micro foncier : revenus fonciers inférieurs à 15 000 euros (montant brut)
Revenus fonciers
Revenus exceptionnels ou différés à imposer suivant le système du quotient
Auto-entrepreneur ayant opté pour le versement libératoire de l’impôt sur le revenu
Revenus agricoles
Revenus industriels et commerciaux professionnels
Locations meublées non professionnelles
Autres revenus industriels et commerciaux non professionnels
Revenus non commerciaux professionnels
Revenus non commerciaux non professionnels

Charges déductibles (pensions alimentaires...), charges et imputations diverses
Réductions et crédits d'impôt
Investissements locatifs (Pinel, Duflot, Scellier, Censi-Bouvard)
Transition énergétique de l'habitation principale
Investissements Outre-Mer

Élus locaux, retenue à la source, comptes à l'étranger, reprises de réductions ou de crédit d'impôt, etc.

Impôt de solidarité sur la fortune
Cliquez ici pour gérer vos annexes : Déclarations ANNEXES

I got as far as generating the 2047 form and put in our pension income (there's other income to put in, all from UK sources). But it turned out I hadn't checked all the rubrics I needed. (OK you work out which one is bank interest). Now the blasted thing says I've finished the 2047 form and tells me what to do next. It won't let me go back and change the 2047. I've tried suppressing it and regenerating it, but it still says

Vous avez atteint la dernière rubrique de votre déclaration des revenus encaissés hors de France (formulaire n° 2047).

Les fonctions situées à gauche de l'écran vous permettent :

  • de naviguer entre les déclarations en utilisant les onglets numérotés ;
  • d'ajouter ou supprimer une déclaration en utilisant le bouton correspondant.

I've also tried putting in additional (irrelevant) rubrics but it ignores them. Has anyone else had this problem? How have you got round it?

(PS bank interest is field 2TR, if you type this into the help box it selects the rubric automatically)

I submitted mine yesterday and saw that much had changed from last year, almost felt like downloading paper format,it requires a fair understanding of french to complete, not that I have and had a friend to help. Goodness it's bad enough understandin the English return. Anyway I had to constantly return to previous pages to verify that I had not missed anything and even then I can't be sure but I did not experience any trouble going back to the previous page. I am assuming you tried to refresh the page and or logged off completely, Ok it means starting again but untill you press the submit button at the completion nothing is transmitted. Good luck.

The reason is, the main form 2042 has to have been completed before you can move on to the end of the declaration.

Values in Annexes, like 2047, must be reported in the main part. Either you do this manually by going back to the main section (Click acceuil) and entering them in the appropriate lines, or at the end of form 2047 when you click 'suivant' it will show a summary and a blue 'report' button which automatically reports to the main form.

Care... this will replace any other values you may have entered on the main form, which is why it is recommended to do the annexes first.

In any case, it seems, you always have to go back to the beginning and 'suivant' your way through the main form before you can finish.

If you want to start again with 2047, click on 'gérer vos annexes' and de-select 2047, save, then go back to beginning and work through to the 'rubriques' section and select again.

You might find after de-selecting that you have to log out and wait a few minutes for the server on the Gov website to reset, then log in again.

Hope that helps. Bonne chance.

why do you play their game?

fill in the paper version instead



Would love to but haven't- as yet- received any tax forms. Not over the limit for having to do it online and never done it on line before. I'll give it a day or so and then call into the tax office.

Pauline, everything which is supposed to make our lives easier does an excellent job at driving us crazy! If you find the form difficult to deal with, it could be because you aren't using a "impôts"-friendly browser. Have you tried firefox? Up until now, it's been the only one for me me which works consistently....

I haven't tried de-selecting everything, logging off and logging on again. That was going to be my next line of attack. I just have to be careful not to de-select the 3916 because it has actually carried something over from last year.

  • If you write them a note at the bottom of your declaration or phone the tax affice, sometimes they do things for you, I love that! Sometimes they tell you there's a bug and you need to wait, or they give you another way to get round things, I have found them really helpful, but I still think they should make things a little more user-friendly!

Until recently Firefox wouldn't show me pdfs from this site (I had to use Chrome). Mu UK Smile account has a similar problem with pdfs too. Its not the actual pdfs its the function that loads them, I just get that downloaded. It seems to be fixed on the impôt site now but it was certainly (fire)foxing for a while

Just when you think you've got it all taped and in hand, BANG!! They change everything again :-( I am still trying to find where you would enter dividends. And a space to fill in the taxes I've already had to pay at source, overseas. Perhaps the Impôt guys don't care about the fact that we have paid, and want to charge us again, though? I thought double-taxation didn't exist.

You were absolutely right about leaving it for to let it sort itself out, I gave it a couple of days and tried doing the declaration again. The 2047 form miraculously reappeared. I then mucked about with the rubrics and lo and behold I killed the 2047 again. I deselected it and looked for a disconnect button. No such animal, not on the accueil screen nor anywhere else. It's like being on a log flume. I want to get off! Closing the tab doesn't log you off. Maybe this is why the system hangs when you try to log on again (didn't I mention that it did that?). I'm now getting an error message about the 2047, which is marginal progress. I managed to disconnect by starting mon espace particulier and clicking déconnexion. Try again tomorrow.

You haven't seen my handwriting

One very good thing about the rubriques list is the help process. If you have the Connexion Help Guide, it tells you about dividends on page 34. Dividends from French shares go in box 2DC of form 2042, so you ask for help about 2DC. The rubric for 2DC will be generated automatically. The same for 2TS for dividends from non-qualifying shares. Tax at source on overseas investment income is 8TA.

I think the trick is to have all the rubrics lined up before you start filling in the 2047. If you put some amounts in then go back and change the rubrics, you end up in limbo like me.

Double taxation doesn't exist for the countries which signed the agreement, neither Candada nor the US signed....

Marie-Claire, I receive dividends from shares overseas - neither from Canada nor the US. These are instantly taxed at source. However, when completing my tax info here in France, I am obliged to declare these dividends and tax is levied again, at a pretty high rate. There are 2 taxes involved in this. The local taxe office seems pretty adamant that these taxes on dividend MUST be paid?

Pauline, they are unfortunately not French share dividends, but thanks for the tips on "little boxes" to tick off. Will carry on relentlessly

Hello All,

Any one care to venture now that the UK is not part of the EU..well in 2 years. Who thinks we shall be restricted to the amount of currency allowed to be taken out of the UK at any one time?

Thanks. Richard

I think it would be quite difficult now with cash machines ect. When you had to physically take money out of the country it was easier but today you can pay for most things with your card and only need to taje a small amount of cash. Logistically a non starter I woukd think.