On line tax returns

Agree with Robert. Go and talk to them.

I hope you do know about and have made your application for a resident’s permit? That is really non-negotiable.

I am sure our first declaration last year was done online.

Interesting Mat. How did the system cope without a reference number (which is only issued I believe after your first declaration).
Either way, the advice to go to the tax office is very sound in these circumstances.

We emailed the tax office and they issued the numbers within a couple of hours, we could then do the return. This was last year so rules may have been more flexible due to Covid.

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This website shows how to get a Tax Reference Number online:

under the section “New arrivals - getting into the system”

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Made a note of that ref for future reference Yogesh, thanks, really helpful.

Hi Graham,

That’s a very handy link but going to the ‘how to fill in the form’ link with a lovely picture of the forms and guidance comments pointing to the boxes, it won;t download - just keep recirculating. Maybe it will come on line later when the forms are finalised?

I did google the phrase, looking for pdf’s in case it was elesewhere and came up with some guidance done by CERN for it’s employees which was interesting.

At the end of the day it looks same as arrivals for last year - get down the SIP, get the paper forms, book a RDV or two while completing and hand them in?

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I’ve found this page with guidance forms for 2020. It’s in pdf though, so no easy google translate.


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There are free translation tools but most max out at 10MB - which is a bit irritating as that document is 10.8 :frowning:

You can split a PDF easily enough.

Indeed, bit of a faff though.