Are men really supposed to wear “Onesies”

Daughter (12) got a dinosaur onesie for Christmas. It has spines on the back, a tail and head etc. Completely mad but she loves it. Not sure they are for adults, although have seen them in big sizes, but.....

I think Not!!

The macho answer is "real men don't wear anything"

My son loves his onesy pyjamas and has to be threatened with me ripping them of by about lunchtime - but he is only 7 years old. Not a good look on men I think.

Mrs Loves them.

Just can not get her out of them !

he he.

I have a couple of them. I keep them together with my bottle, dummy and nappies. Back to sucking my thumb...

Apparently they were a very popular Christmas present in 2012 (Primark had sold out when I went shopping with my then 19 year old) & 2013, and yes Bryan, I know a few men who had them as presents, though whether they were bought as a thoughtful present or an opportunity to have a laugh I'm not sure. However, it would be like having a big, cuddly teddy bear sitting on the settee - which can't be bad!

The working man/ woman's equivalent in France, is the delighfully named "combinasions" - blue for manual work and green for the farming fraternity - sold everywhere, they seem to constitute part of the visual fabric of France it seems.........

Bryan, I wore onesies on and off for 30 odd years as a member of the engineering department in the Royal Navy. However, in those days we called them overalls!

Never gonna happen

Winston Churchill's siren suit was raspberry-coloured velvet. Fact. (Wow!)


I would have to see a photo of you in yours before I could comment ;)


I just bought a onesie for my 3 year old with owls all over it - I wish it was in my size!

Winston Churchill used to wear a "onesie". Then it was known as a "siren suit". Personally I'll stick to my long johns.

My newly 12 year-old has one. If I had one, made of nice very soft thick fleecy stuff, with feet and possibly a hood (preferably with ears), I don't think I would EVER get up or do anything... so get thee behind me satanic onesie ;-)

Ah yes, I would agree but I am finding it very comforting to dress my teenage daughters in onesie's - helps with the fleeing the nest syndrome. Mine not theirs that is....

Note I said daughters - not sons!

Nobody over about a year old is supposed to wear a 'onesie'.