Online rendezvous for medical matters

What a waste of time and energy these online rdv sites are. Need an xray before week on thursday so went online for the nearby facility only to be faced with a list of no spaces available. Decided to ring and found that the afternoon I originally tried to get and was booked up, has lots of appointments free and the receptionist agreed that the online booking is basically crap. So, best to ring every time I think from now on and at least you know where you stand!


Talking with a real person works well for me… glad you got sorted :slight_smile:

Yes, phone to phone so much better every time. I have no trust in the internet whatsoever for important things.

We always ring to make appointments. I find Doctolib confusing and it seems to be duplicating badly something that can be done much better by human contact.

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Just a reminder…
If one makes a RDV whether it’s via Telephone or OnLine… for whatever illness etc… please don’t forget to make sure you DO notify them of your Cancellation if you won’t be able to get there… and/or no longer need the RDV slot.

Seems some folk just “don’t turn up”… aaargh.

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It depends. My ophtho only uses Doctolib and doesn’t answer the phone. Medical appointment stuff is increasingly on line only. Trying to find a dentist today, i find some don’t have a working phone number listed but you can ring an online agency which will put your call through to them for 5 euros !

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I got an email earlier from the Xray clinic to confirm my appt that I made by phone and the usual telling me what documents etc to take.

I sometimes think it should be called Doctofib.

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Online rdv has always worked well for us. We like being able to choose the date and time which is not so easy with a person.


In however many years we’ve never had a problem with doctolib or keldoc. They work perfectly well as long as the medical establishment using it manages it properly and keeps up to date. I reckon 75% of my doctors and specialists won’t use anything else now for appointments. The secretarial time is kept for more important matters.


Just done that.
It is the right thing to do so that someone else can use that slot.


I’m surprised some of you have problems with Doctolib. I think its great and find it so easy. In fact when I come across doctors / specialists who aren’t on Doctolib I find that really frustrating because telephone answering systems are such a nightmare these days. The French equivalent of “your call is important to us” and the endless, usually ghastly music, finally to just be cut off - ugh! I have never ever managed to get the X-ray department over at Marmande to pick up the phone.
What I love is I can make appointments with Doctolib any time of the day or night - it’s the sort of "last minute on a Sunday evening " moment when I realise OH needs yet another blood test and I can do it there and then.
And the system reminds you with an email that there’s an appointment coming up, and (importantly) I can make appointments for him as well as me.

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On reflection, each person’s experience of Doctolib will surely depend on where in France they are and thus where their doctors/specialist will be…
and, as I’m sure we all can agree…
doctors and/or specialists are sometimes a law unto themselves.

If they don’t want to use DLib or use it badly… well… one might be rightly miffed… to put it politely… if there wasn’t a decent alternative… in the form of a Secretariat or Receptionist thingy …
at the very least, someone with whom one can make contact and get the necessary things organized.

If I recall correctly… Doctolib showed its weaknesses/strengths during Covid and at that time there were wildy differing experiences reported by forum members…

I used it during covid for the vaccination rdv but this time it has just not worked especially when confirmed by the clinic I ended up ringing. Possibly a regional thing, who knows and hopefully won’t be needing it again after my foot thing is completely over. We have a medical lab in the next commune over where you can just walk in off the street for blood tests etc.

So do we… it’s marvellous isn’t it… they open at 7.30am M-Fri and 8am on Saturday so those who are working can get to them without losing time… :wink: and the results “just like that” same day (apart from more indepth stuff… )

I very much doubt it is regional, just the competence (or lack of) by the medical facility using it. Very easy to blame “computers” when in fact the failure is human.

If I was into conspiracies I could imagine that a medical secretary would deliberately forget to update it out of fear for their job.

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A significant proportion of doctors/specialists around here are not on Doctolib.

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It’s a choice, as you have to pay. So understandable that some don’t want to.

What I find a touch bizarre is that all these things (Doctolib, Keldoc, qare etc) are private, but are sometimes marketed as if they were part of the health service.

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Yes, that’s what I find bizarre too…

Yes, last time I was in there at 10.30 and results online by midday