Onwards and upwards

Following on from my last post, lots has been happening chez Fitzgerald. The terrace has gone up and demolition has been underway on the first floor:

The opening for the playroom window has been made on the back of the house which will let light into the back of what used to be the wine making garage.

Sadly my lovely ginger boy Stanley had to be put to sleep, he's now managed to move in to our new location before us...I know he is there with us!

Here is floor No 3 being poured:

voila another shiny floor![](upload://f8P7tCKuCzzuKa8ZTClvxZX2PXw.jpg)

Next it was time to tackle the openings on the South facade, The first one was done quickly and reinforced. The second one is the 4m wide by 3m high and required a slow process, reinforcing in stages and ensuring we respected the drying out time.

I feel for you I really do.