'You can keep your so-called workers,' US tyre mogul tells French minister

I don't know if there is a grain of truth in it but it is an interesting story:

i read it yesterday and found it amusing at first , then it annoyed me to remember for the umpteenth time how dificuilt and lazy many French workers can be , and then after a while it worried me to think of the impact of this sort of reality check which is likely to continue throughout the next few years meaning more and more unemployed people who will recieve very generous benefits until they find a new job.

can only see increased Taxes as a result


it certainly is but if the unions we're a little more flexible then it wouldn't turn out this way. Half of us in France have to work twice as hard and twice as long to pay for the other half to live it up... I and most of the people round me are just a bit fed up of the situation. I feel sorry for all those who have been led to the slaughter by their barking mad and totally out-of-touch with reality union reps.

Spare a thought for the 1,173 people losing their jobs soon. It's a local tragedy .

Haha, bl**dy ha. Great! If the French media are chewing it over and spitting it back out in the nation's faces then it is going to be amusing watching the reaction. A lot of French people work very, very hard but this is where other countries have been and had to do something about it. Let's see what they do...

it's hitting the french media at the moment, was the top story on TF1 this luchtime!