I'm looking forward to getting home tonight. I put a wash on before I left for work this morning. Washing liquid went in fine. However, as I was putting the conditioner in I was thinking this is really liquid.

I thought my wife had perhaps diluted it down to make it go further and consequently I added another skoosh (a metric skoosh - obviously). I was just about to add another for good measure when I realised it was the Dettol based floor cleaner I was adding. After failing to get the drawer out to empty and rinse it, I thought "Sod it", slammed the drawer in and set the machine off. I did notice on the bottle that it said not to mix with other chemicals.

Let's see how the clobber turns out when I get in tonight.

My daughter did us a favour a put in a wash load for us last summer. However she picked up a small bottle of the stuff for treating woodworm and put that in as washing liquid. We eventually black-sacked that load, had to hot cycle run , empty with lots of bio liquid four times before we could do another wash. Moral of the story: Never have anything but the right stuff anywhere near the washing machine and ideally never leave a load to be done for somebody who has no idea or your bills for clothes, linen, etc will go up exponentially.

There is a tie in there actually. Think I'll put it on tomorrow no matter what.

What am I going to clean the floor with ?????

Tie-dye. Look forward to hearing later how the clothes turned out.

and to think my OH has a go at me when I don't separate lights and dark colours...! trendy 70s peroxyde clothes await you Nick ;-)