Open-air toilets

I’m wondering what they will “design” for the Ladies… :thinking: :drooling_face::smile:

There is a urinal in Questembert 56 beside a car park in the town, always brings on a smile, (of relief) and amusement, as ones back is in full view of the World, or at least all users of the car park! :rofl:

We are such prudes! Go native and show your tackle to everyone!

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Wott tackle :rofl:

Does that mean we get to see you waving 'your tackle at the side of the road Matt like so many French men here in the countryside ? :scream::scream::scream:



OK - I will make the comment (before anyone else does) - you would have to get close to see it!

…perhaps enough of this!

Even if you sympathise with the feeble justification given by the Paris Mayor that they had to do something about the problem of people peeing in the streets, it is by no means sure that people under the influence will go to the bother of finding their nearest uritrottoir to relieve themselves! And for those sober enough to care, could they not have screened them off, even just with a few bushes in front of them? The one overlooking the Seine river traffic seems particularly badly sited. The Paris authorities seem to have had more commonsense and considerably better taste when they set up the original vespusiennes in the 1830s, as they shielded what was happening from public view.

Always found the typical French Mens urinals amusing/comic, and on occasions, a relief :+1:, though they may provide relief, the rest, certainly doesn’t apply to these ‘things’ :unamused: