Open gardens

Have you thought about opening your garden to the public and making a charge…perhaps just for the visit or for
an afternoon tea? Your exspenses can be paid .
Open gardens is a charity.
It seems like a great way to raise money to help others.
So if you have a nice looking garden and you do not mind visitors I can put you
in touch with the organiser.

I’d certainly consider opening my garden to the public, we wouldn’t charge just give people a fork and a spade to help us finish it.:wink:


Suppose that was a little funny Tim.
We would like help with our garden too …
Open gardens is a charity which raises money for children.
I would like to open my garden but we have very limited parking.

Nice idea Barbara… perhaps local parking could be sorted out for the Open Day… why not ask around… neighbours might have some ideas… and perhaps they would join in … it is for Charity, as you say… a good cause.

Would need to be parking at my neighbours place.
She will probably help me;
But open gardens need lots of people doing this.
I would like to raise money to help cats and dogs but you have to
work with registered charities to do this.
Yes Open gardens is, to my knowledge a reistered charity.

Had a quick look, and seems to be mainly south/south west France, although some round Paris. There’s nothing within 150km of us, so not really worth participating. (Tends to hint that it was started by English, or based on the English yellow book scheme?)

We have opened our garden for the local CPIE, as we are totally pesticide & chemical free. It was fun and a good way to get to know the neighbours! Link here

Earlier in June there is also the national open garden scheme. Link here


One of the criteria to be included is that your garden should have sufficient interest for a 30 minute visit.
We should be ok. It will take forever to count the mole hills…


Ours is nice but I think that having afternoon tea is a lovely thing to do in summer
in a pleasant garden.

It’s that time of year again. This weekend across France