Open GL hardware acceleration

Hi, I've been told by a programme it won't open until I add to my computer, Windows XP, 'open GL hardware acceleration'. Any ideas how i do this?

Regards Glyn

Hi Glyn, I actually downloaded the same game to my iPad in a moment of weakness last year. It's cheap on the iPad but I see on Amazon it's 30+ quid. Having tried the iPad version I think it's probably better as a board game. While our house is wall to wall apple I do keep XP and Windows 7 loaded on a machine in case I need either so, If you like, you could post me the game disk and I can get it running on my machine and then post it back to you with instructions on how to get it running on your's. (One might guess that I'm retired these days so time isn't an issue !)

It'open GL hardware acceleration'. was a PC game Ticket To Ride about trains. 'open GL acceleration'. Frankly John I really only for my PC for my work and the game was a whim. So unless there is any kind of miracle for a person hopeless with this kind of thing, probably best forgotten. I genuninely appreciate your reponses though. Thank you.



Not to worry Glyn, what doesn't work that you want to work?

I don't know. I really am hopeless at this kind of thing.

Regards Glyn

What program are you trying to run that is looking for open GL Glyn?

Thanks for that. But once i found out, I didn't really know what to do.

Reagrds Glyn

I don't have an XP machine any more, but if you go to device screen and click on the video driver, it will show you the version you are using.

Here is a link I found on how to open the device manager.

Device manager in XP



'I would check your video driver version. make sure you are at the latest stable release, and check if there is a setting to enable OpenGL.'

How do I do this?

Thanks for your response, Nick

Regards Glyn

You are right Roger, this not an easy Question, Open GL is an open standard for video accelerator and it will come down to whether your video driver and to some extent your video card support this, they may not, although it would have to be a an old machine not to support this standard.

There are as always in the computing industry competing standards, and Microsoft have their own video acceleration technology call DirectX, do you happen to know if you computer has that installed and working? You see if the system can support that , then is likely to be able to support Open GL.

There is also a push these days to move to a browser/cloud aware standard called Webgl, which will do the same thing. This is being supported by all the major companies like Google, Mozilla and Apple.


I would check you video driver version. make sure you are at the latest stable release, and check if there is a setting to enable OpenGL.



I'll check that, thanks.


Right click on the desktop and then left click on "Properties" in the menu.

The "Display Properties" window will pop up.

Left click on the "settings" tab and then left click on "advanced"

Then left click on the "troubleshoot" tab and you should see a slider that lets you set the level of harware acceleration. If this is at "none" maybe this is what is causing the problem. I always leave it at "Full

Good luck.

The link looks like it could be useful, but I'm not very confident with computers and I think Ineed a more direct approach. thank you though, for your answer.

Regards Glyn

Hello Glyn,

This looks way over my head but this link might help:

Hopefully more knowledgeable members can be more helpful.

Good luck, Rog.