Open UK Bank account

Yes, I agree. Wish I hadn’t accepted offer of cheque!

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You mean the banks will want to know where the money came from etc?

Yeah they might, due to AML

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I can prove its legit no probs but…

…I think the wisest move is to ask company is to return cheque and transfer fund to Revolut. Also don’t need to actually go to UK.

Yes I think that’s your best course of action. I’m not sure how hot the UK are on AML but if you bounced some cash around like that in French accounts they would almost certainly be on your case about it. It’s happened to me on more than one occasion for sub 10k sums. I think 5k is the trigger now.

AML stands for ? Money Laundering?

Yes, Anti Money Laundering and KYC is Know Your Customer

Must admit I didn’t dare ask!! :slight_smile:

Bullshit really, the Eastern European mafia just use pallets of 500 Euro notes :wink:

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How do you get UK sort code/account number?

Open your account, choose your currencies (e.g. GBP / EUR / USD) and then you will see your sort code / account details in your GBP account details along with IBAN details if you need them.

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OK, got it. If £1000 was transferred into my account, do Revolut charge and what would it be?

No charge - just follow the sign up process - it’s pretty straightforward.

Right. So if transferring from a UK bank to Revolut sterling, no charges from UK bank?

No idea about your UK bank Gary - but Revolut won’t charge you to receive funds. I’ve never been charged for transferring from a UK bank account to a UK bank account.

Gary have you looked at this ?

Nat West do an account for non UK residents

Or you could pop it into NS&I in an instant access savings account.

Exchange rate is lousy !

Huh ?? Who has a better one ? - let’s do an instant comparison Leslie…


As you are currently French resident, open a standard euro account with Credit Agricole Britline, easy to do online and, once that has been completed, they will, upon request, open you a GBP account into which you can deposit your cheque. After that, and if you are intending to return to the UK you can either transfer it in sterling when you are once again resident in the UK or, transfer it to your Brutline euro account if you need access to the funds whilst still here

Easy to achieve and works for you no matter which side if the channel you are.


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