Opening November Holiday Home for Dogs

I m planning to start a service for those needing to find a safe place for their dog when away. I will only take 2 dogs at a time and an enclosed run area will be available with two walks a day offered in woodland.I am a qualified in dog psychology so if they suffer any separation anxiety you can be sure I will help calm them and make their stay as best as I can. Dogs will be kept in the house when not in the run so it will be "home from home".I am in the Tarn near Albi but anyone in Toulouse wanting to book a pick up service can be offered at a small extra charge. If you or others are interested please contact me- Thanks.

Can you email me as I often fly from Rodez and I am always anxious leaving my dog, she does suffer from separation anxiety, she is a Cane Corso but is not safe with small children.

lets just say I made nothing doing the rescue centre so I m use to it !!! but I have other incomes and I can only accomadate 2 so I m hoping people who prefer a small set up will use me.Fingers crossed !!

I TOO wish you a great future in taking care of dogs.

May I be very bold and assume that you are financially comfortable and

not planning to make money from the project.

Because on 24 euros a day I find it hard to pay for the utlities.

A close friend of mine helps manage a cattery which runs well on about

40 cats a day plus ....pays the bills, feeds the cats? taxes....and I presume there

is a little left over for the owner.

As an animal sounds great.

thanks Steve- my dog goes into a state of shock in a kennel so I totally understand

I m operating and registered as a consultant for dog psychology and I can take 2 dogs for short term stays/holidays even if they don t have "issues" !! I use to run a rescue centre but that was difficult as up to 7 dogs all with problems was a challenge .....This will be small quiet haven for owners to use when away- charges will be 12 euros a day but negotiable if longer periods.

Good Luck with the new venture, shame you aren't in the Lyon area, our 11 year old doesn't enjoy normal kennels any more.

Sounds good but do you need a liscence to operate this service.

Can it be financialy viable ?

What will you charge?