Opening U.S. Bank Account Without Being There

I need to open a new U.S. Bank Account and I don’t want to travel back there to do it. Patriot Act seems to have made it next to impossible. I need a U.S. bank that has ACH (Account Clearing House) capabilities, i.e., routing capabilities for direct deposits from my U.S. property manager and for social security checks. Thanks.

I am only suggesting, I have no experience. So please forgive in advance if my suggestion does not work, but perhaps try Aspiration Summit checking account with Radius Bank. I have opened an account with them. I am located currently in the US, so I confess not to having your issue with opening an account. This one seemed somewhat feasible, as its primary focus seems convenient as online banking with worldwide access. And, if only because they seem to have good customer service folks who might be responsive and steer you in the right direction if they cannot directly assist. Good luck.

Thank you very much, Mary. I will contact them and let you know what I came up with.

Does anyone else have any ideas about this? I feel like I’ve exhausted the possibilities. I was hopeful about the online banks but have been scared away from them, as well as the traditional big banks, by the war stories about all of their customer service; and I definitely need customer service.

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Charles, check with these organizations, perhaps:

Thanks for your continued interest, Mary. We may have worked things out with our existing bank, Charles Schwab. I found some opportunities there which were had not been conveyed to me in previous email and telephone dialogue with various departments in the company. Then, quite by accident, I asked the right question of the right department and he assured me, I could close just one account and then use another account to get the services that I thought were only available through the account they told me I had to close. In order not to jinx the deal, I’m afraid to give more details until I’ve actually made this all work. Next week is my targeted period to affect all the changes. Wish me luck. And thank you again.


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