Opening UK Bank Accounts - Update

Hi everyone

Thought I would update you.

Thanks for all your help before - very valuable. :+1:

In the end, I opened a Revolut account which was quick, easy and efficient and allows me to have euros and sterling (dollars, etc). Good customer service too. it doesn’t have all the facilities of a regular bank and is ap only operating but love it.

I also opened a Santander basic account. Again, easy as you had to just fill out a paper form and send it back. Basic Current Account | Santander UK You can then upgrade the account when you wish as it is no frills but fine for me at moment.

I tried with HSBC but I got stuck on some piece of technology - (I suspect Java-related) and got various reminders for a couple of days to ‘finish application’. Tried to start again but got looped back to original application I couldn’t access so gave up.

Thanks again!

I don’t think you can operate Direct Debits from a UK Sterling account but you can from a Euro account - other than that I don’t think Revolut is missing much. I find it superb, I have paid for the full service and the ability to make quick payments in either sterling or euros to new and old destinations is excellent.

The option to transfer money between currencies at full interbank rate with absolutely no charges is extraordinary.

I am surprised is hasn’t caught on more - but saying that I think it is the bank with the fastest rate of take ons currently.

Is there a fee transferring money from the Revolut sterling account to another UK bank.?

No, there is no fee as far as I am aware.

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Just transferred some money to a UK bank account from my sterling Revolut account and was there within 5 mins! No fee.


Always a relief when you have successfully got money out for the first time!

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