Orange 100 "free" numbers

Sorry, it’s me again! Please can someone help. We have a new telephone contract with Orange that includes the option of 100 “free” numbers outside France.

I think we had this before, but never really thought about it. In the present climate of not seeing anyone, we’ve been having long phone calls with friends in the UK. I’m assuming that somehow we have to register these numbers and, if so, it seems sensible to do so.

Does anyone know please how to find where to start registering these numbers? It won’t be 100 by any means, but might be about 5 or 6.

Sorry can’t help…Our orange package allows us to select countries that we wish to have free calls with…?

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Ring the English Help Line perhaps :thinking:

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Have you tried going on to your Personal Space with Orange… online… like EDF etc etc…

might be something there which will head you in the right direction…

best of luck


Thanks for your thoughts everyone. I’m just being lazy! Thought someone might have done it.
I’ve googled “Orange comment activer les numéros gratuits?” and of course it tells me. I will report back!