Orange 5g a yoke

I got text today from orange saying that 5g is getting rolled out in France I wish it said that any type of signal was coming to the hole of France I don’t have any signal at home maybe they should start with getting every one a good signal first


@Bajen I SOOO agree! Only way these days we can do on-line transactions with our bank cards is if we have a text message with a code sent to our phones. Pouring rain, wandering round the garden trying to get a signal on a mobile phone is NOT my idea of fun!

Would this be a solution (outlined in another thread):

I think the original link was for Orange…

Yeah, and then your connection to the pay site times out, and either your operation gets sent into limbo, or you have to start it all over again… :angry:

I’ve got to smile at Orange’s optimism. Like you, we barely have a signal from them most days, occasionally we’ll get a weak and useless 4G signal of no use - I’ve resorted to a second mobile contract with SFR, which at least mostly covers the fallouts with Orange and provides more regular 4G coverage.

Oh no! Who changed the title? It was lovely as it was.

@Alex_Thurgood Yup! you are so right.

What was the original title ?

Orange 5G a Yoke. I love Martin’s use of words and am in awe of his posts given that English is not his first language.

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changed it back… just thought it was an innocent sp mistake by the OP :wink:

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Oh for just a tiny bit of signal in the garden, I have to go at least 1500m

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We used to have a terrible signal had to go outside to use phone and Whatsapp only available in town. Since early this year the signal has been constant 4G (thats what it says on my phone) but since then I have been unable to sleep well in the bedroom and have had to find a spot at the other end of the house to get a decent nights sleep…
A few weeks after that they installed smart meters in the village so thought that might be why they increased the signal. Anyway I am opting out of Smart meters.
Look out rfor changes in sleep patterns as the microwaves of 5G penetrate the skin apparently

I don’t believe it’s that a microwave have stronger signal than a 4g 5 g tower have

All radio waves “penetrate the skin” - in fact they do so less as the frequency goes up and the microvolts of signal available are going to do precisely zero to your ability to sleep.

Fretting unnecessarily about it however…

Well something has changed in the French house
I dont have the problem in the UK …so you tell me what might be the reason?

In the last village we lived we could only get mobile reception in one spot - standing next to the phone box (yes they still existed in the noughties!) on the village square. I wish I’d taken a photo :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I agree - it is completely outrageous that governments here and elsewhere don’t compel mobile phone companies to invest some of their enormous profits in the network before bringing in idiotic ideas like 2-factor authentication. I not only have no signal here but never have anywhere I have lived - in the UK either. So expecting me to respond to a text when I want to make a purchase (or pay my taxes!!) is utterly idiotic. I suspect lobby groups are the cause though - mobile phone companies can exert a lot of financial and other pressure.

It is a little interesting that some countries in Africa have better signal the a lot of western country’s

No change in my sleep pattern since Linky was installed.

The worst bit is that SMS 2FA is pretty much broken anyway as a means of ensuring authentication. French banks (and other payment operators) are well behind the curve on that one, but it is cheap to roll out (relative to other solutions).