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Yes me too! Some of us are electrosensitive sort of like the proverbial canary in the mine!! A lovely very helpful Welch man called Ian makes faraday cages for the Linky at a reasonable price and ships speedily to France. After not sleeping for 4 weeks and fingers and skin burning when I touch my phone iPad or computer I had to find a solution. That was Ian at

And no I am not willing to argue the point with anyone who is not affected by Linky meters except to say good for you. Some of us are deeply affected and here is something that reduces the effect. My test machine shows the reduction is huge- still some remains but I can sleep again. I also hard wired my devices and take WiFi off at night. Paddy O Cullen hope this helps.
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Thanks Kaye,
Very helpful and will check out that website. I was thinking along similar lines… wondering about lining the bedroom with high performance insulation which has 2 layers of aluminium foil with a layer of bubblewrap in between.
Not sure what eqpt I would need to test it though…an EMF meter maybe?

PS How did you hard wire your phone…a special lead called …?

Hi Paddy
There’s a paint you can use for walls. But do faraday cage first to linky. A metal stake comes with it to bury in ground close by.
I bought Devolo plug that I then plug computer into.
But speak to Ian about your needs he is really knowledgeable and all reasonable. Even asked if I was a veggie as most of his troubled customers were vegetarian. I am not.
My little tester is called Acousticom 2.
Let me know how you get on. Faraday cage was enough for me and I use a grounding sheet on my bed and a mat on the ground when at the computer

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They didn’t have the dead weight of a load of obsolete infrastructure to deal with.