Orange - basic technical question

Quick and easy question hopefully.

I have an Orange Livebox and an Orange TV box. Is there any reason why I should not put the Livebox on top of the TV box?

The only reason not to do this that I can think of is overheating. My Livebox chucks out a fair amount of heat from the vents on the top. If your TV box does the same it might cause trouble, with one or both devices.

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Good tip! Just had a look at the TV box and the vents are on the side of the box so any heat should come out that way. But I will leave the TV box on for a while and see how much heat it generates from the top.

Thanks for your help.

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Mandy - do they match? are they aesthetically pleasing? have you considered feng shui and your ying yang (or whatever it is ?) :slight_smile: (just kidding - haven’t got a clue!!!)

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I couldn’t give a rat’s arse what they look like. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
We need to fit a medical bed in the living room so trying to lose some furniture and save space.
It’s a bit like playing giant tetris :confounded:

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Do you have the krypton factor… will you successfully fit the pieces together… :thinking:

No idea… but it may help to take a breather and then start again… sometimes inspiration arrives when you least expect it.

We’ve been puzzling over this for a week or so and, by jove, I think we’ve got it :+1:

It will be a squeeze but cosy is good isn’t it?!?!?

Oh my goodness!! I’ve been saying it wrong all these years :laughing::laughing:

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Oh, I didn’t notice that… it’s just that your words make me burst into song :relaxed:

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putting together will still generate more heat. always best to not stack them.

Mandy, do they talk to each other by WiFi or by ethernet cable?
If you are using WiFi they may be too close together if you stack them. If you want to switch to ethernet in order to stack, get a cable, plug it in then use the Menu button to get to the configuration screen and switch it to Ethernet. You will need to keep them about half a meter part otherwise…

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Connected by cable so will be OK. Thanks.

I suppose if you are getting UK programmes you might need a separate bo but Ornage Livebox 5 allows for plug in extensions around the house. Our Livebox is discreetly placed in the dining area, and connects to the internet and telephone as well from the same area. The TV has a connection point upstairs in the TV room, which also connects to the internet and TV ( and apparently also wifi - once I discovered the sliding connector on my computer!
We had it setup by Orange contractors for nothing and we do have the unlimited FOC international telephones,landline telephone, Orange TV, and internet subscription, plus now my wife’s mobile phone subscription all for about €40 a month which my friends in Australia tell me is dirt cheap? Seems to work OK and in has been in place for a couple of years now, soI’m essentially happy.

Thanks for replying Norman, can’t believe this was a whole year ago. The boxes were stacked successfully for about 9 months with no overheating or connection problems. I’m back in the UK now so this is no longer relevant.

Hi Mandy, story of my life - I’ll be late for my own funeral - I have warned SWMBO/'er indoors but she has stated in no uncertain terms that if there was one thing in this life she was sure of would be getting me to this on time! If not earlier?

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