Orange, Beggars Belief, after eight months, they are going to do the work again!

We have just received the following e-mail from the Mairies of our village and neighbouring Sivignon:.


'We haven’t heard from you for a long time, but at the town hall we are still in charge of moving this file forward because the service provided was not sufficient and therefore unsatisfactory.

Checks for any disruptive equipment in several homes were carried out in September by Orange without success. They also looked for the causes of this too low flow. Orange concluded that a new cable had to be laid to restore the correct speed for all the homes concerned.

To allow this work, the Department’s Roads Directorate blocked the authorization file because of branches left during the last works on the RD17.

The roadmenders of Trivy and Verosvres recently removed a very, very small pile of branches, which was observed by an agent of the DRI and the elected officials of the communes of Sivignon and Trivy.

Finally we learn that the work permission is granted by the department on the RD17 from 7/12/2020.

From that date, the SETELEM company will remove and change the cable installed recently this summer …

There will therefore certainly be Internet shutdowns during this period.

We sincerely hope that this may finally be the end of all these dysfunctions, for 1 year on December 19, 2020.

To follow up on this matter, we urge you to send us your positive or negative comments after the work has been carried out.’

Fortunately, we have an alternative arrangement for our internet, but after being without our land line for eight months and now the ADSL provided by Orange at snails pace, they are going to start all over again.

The fact that Orange was trying to put the blame on defective equipment in peoples’ homes, shows their attitude to customer service.
Absolutely none.

It really does beggar belief.

Sorry for posting - saw ‘orange’ and thought the thread was about Trump…

They seem to have the same level of competence.

It seems they breed them specially to work for Orange - all Oranges, everywhere.

I followed up a brilliant Orange fibre deal, ads on bus shelters all over central Valencia.

Agent: “No. You have no track record with Orange.”
Me: " I have had a mobile phone contract with Orange for 3-4 years"
Agent: “That deal does not exist”
Me: “It is all over Valencia on posters”
Agent: “What is your address - fibre not available in that street”
Me: “I spoke to a fitter who was installing a box on the wall outside our front door. It has the Orange logo on it. I have a photo …”
Agent: … puts the phone down.

The pits

We too have the box, with coiled wire waiting to be connected. Checked on Orange’s website today - put in our land line telephone number - that number does not exist.
Put in our address - there is a fault.
I wonder how the telephone call will go tomorrow? :thinking:

Just because you are paranoid it doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.
You must be thinking along those lines by now.

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It makes you wonder how anything in Orange works at all .
How frustrating.

I did what maybe even Orange wnted me to do - went elsewhere. An outfit called Mas Movil agreed a deal over the phone. Next day two guys turned up and installed the kit - done.

Then the other perennial problem of Spanish comms cos arose - continuing to bill me after closing the account 2 years later. Many people have had this problem. These people used to be banditos in the sierras. They come down from the hills and work for Orange, Mas Movil and the lke.

I do hope I fare better in FR

I suggest you don’t get your hopes up too much - that way lies disappointment.

Me too.

Jane, your tribulations have been legion and epic. And Orange. Surely the general run of these things has been sorted by now? This is not Pakistan.

At the media agency I worked in in Peshawar, we supplied videos, photos and text reports to the news agencies of the west, like Reuters, AFP, AP, BBC etc. So having direct international lines was vital. We had just one, in the CEOs office. Not much good for the 20 or so journalists filing stories from their office.

The local office of the Pakistani version of France Telecom were happy to instal on the condition of a hefty bung to the manager. This was made perfectly clear to our Afghan CEO. He stood out against this blackmail for months until the people in the US Consulate who minded our backs persuaded him to do the deal - they would pay.

The day the deal was done there were guys up poles in the street…

Telecommunications in France is highly developed. France is served by an extensive system of automatic telephone exchanges connected by modern networks of fiber-optic cable, Coaxialcable[microwave radio relay, and a domestic satellite system; cellular telephone service is widely available, expanding rapidly, and includes roaming service to foreign countries.

Thus sayeth Wikipedia.

You say "If only … " :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

There will be no internet for the thirteen houses involved from the 7th to the 19th December.
I wonder how long that will run on for?
Forunately we can use a SIM card into the router.

There must be a law against it. This is France

We have three groups of CRS now stationed in Macon after the riots.
Pictures of an assault elsewhere have been re-examined and now proved that it was the gendarmerie doing the assaulting.
The government is trying to stop the identification of gendarmes with wording that is so wide that it drive a coach and horses through press freedom.
This is France.