Orange email hack

Last night I received a text message from Orange telling me that someone had opened a new email address using my Orange account. As instructed I immediately changed my password and having had a look at my Orange account I see there is a new email address in there. Quite whatanyone would have to gain by doing this I’m not sure, but have I taken all the precautions and is there anyway I can get rid of this email address. Or suggestions welcomed. TIA

Interesting. My orange email account told me to re enter my password this morning and when I did it wouldn’t work. Ever since I get a message saying the system is down and to try later. I have now changed my password and can access emails via my laptop but cannot reset my account on my a android phone, it simply says to try later
Something isn’t right for sure.

Similar thing happened to me, I change the password and I had to change the one on my iPad but even then the email wouldn’t work. On my iPhone I had a message to say change the password and I did and I was able to get emails normally. So as you say somethings not right somewhere along the way.

Further to that, suddenly the emails are nowcoming through on my iPad and I’ve done nothing more.

I haven’t experienced that, but I do get alot of emails purporting to come from Orange but, by highlighting the links provided to do whatever it is they are asking, I see they are in themselves, scams. Instantly deleted. :wink:

So, are you sure they are all actually from Orange?

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Well I did have my doubts, but on checking my orange account there was definitely an email address in there that I had not created. This is why I changed my password. My emails seem to be working OK now.

Also when I went into my orange account last night I could not actually find that newly created email. So I’m still very confused.

I am constantly amazed at the number of Orange email accounts that seem to get hacked at regular intervals. Anyone would think that their security systems are rubbish at best, and downright incompetent at worst.

One of my friends, who is a professional plumber, has had his account hacked 3 times in as many years. I don’t think a year has gone by in the last 3 years either without Orange having had a significant data breach. It belies belief that this operator never seems to get its act together.

Having said that, the recent DDOS attack at the French Ministry of Justice was preceded by a suspiciously coincidental prior attack on SFR/Bouygues infrastructure, so swings and roundabouts, I guess.


Being an iOS person – I can’t help very much with android, but I actually deleted the account and reloaded it – that might help.

Thanks, I have done that and can now see my emails. Not being technical in any way shape or form I am beginning to wonder if I might have the answer.
Earlier I used my CA banking app and despite doing an internal transfer from one account to another it didn’t register. I then repeated the request on my laptop and all was well. Being slightly worried I rang the bank who confirmed my balances so all was well and they advised I should delete my app and reset. I have done this and it is now showing the correct info
During this last week I have used my phone extensively as a hotspot and tethering and wonder if this has upset my apps??
Perhaps there is a SF wiz who might be able to shed some light on the problem?

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During the recent hot spell, I have noticed an occasional drop in performance in a Google (spread)Sheet accessed on-line which didn’t immediately register an entry and a number of drop-outs in the 4G network - probably connected.
What might have happened is that you successfully launched the app on your phone at the appropriate moment but then the signal dropped out meaning that you were no longer connected (but the app thinks you still are) so any entry made is not registered by the host. You then terminate the app abruptly and the host thinks - ah! the client has abandoned the link so he closes it his end.
From a security point of view, of course any tethering or hotspot can be compromised by someone with ill-intent if they know what they are doing and VPNs are available to limit that possibility but not everyone subscribes to such technology - the better ones are not fee free.
Why does it happen and what happened on this occasion - who can say?
This might be a possible explanation:

At the end of the day, you didn’t do anything wrong by accepting the Bank’s suggestion to reload the app - whether it was necessary to do so is mute but it made you feel more confident afterwards so no bad thing. Also changing passwords if you think you have been compromised is an essential safety measure so all the things you did were correct.
When you logged in later with your laptop, the internet link may have sorted itself out (or you used a wired connection that occasion) and the transaction went through without issue.
I hope that re-assures you.
There are other measures that can be taken such as MFA (multi-factor authentication) if you are worried about security.
Personally, I would never discourage people from taking these actions to maintain control over their data.
I have done some simple research on whether there has been a recent hacking incident concerning Orange webmail but nothing has come up this time although there have been incidences in the past so I can’t be certain that recent events experienced by @Lennondayz and @John_Hall are as a result of hacking but as always, make sure your PCs and phones are properly protected against phishing scams using propriety software - kept up to date and consider operating your PCs behind a firewall.

Many thanks Graham, it was you I immediately thought of when suggesting an SF wiz might have the answer but I couldn’t work out how to link your @Graham_Lees to it, and now I just have!!
I am reassured, thankyou.


Many thanks Graham, I hope I’ve done all that is necessary to protect my account. It’s a constant worry I find.

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Whilst on the subject, this popped into my email box today with some sage advice…


It strikes me that I ought to dig around my Orange email and make sure no-one has borrowed it. I’ve never felt a need to use it myself.

The slight catch is

  • I can’t remember the email address
  • I can’t remember the password
  • if it is like the Orange “espace client” it won’t allow a non-French mobile for 2FA or recovery

It could be fun trying to sort that out.

Maybe another day.

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IIRC you get your email address with your contract for the livebox and includes the PSW. So, if you still have a copy of your contract you should be able to determine what it is :wink:

That’s part of the problem - it might be in France (or quite possibly it’s in the shredder - or was, 5 years ago).

Ah, the email address is on the bills but if I try to go to “email” in the “espace client” it wants me to have set up the espace with the Orange email address…hmmm.

Well unless you say otherwise and of course if the address is available you might just try

In my experience most of the orange mails are in that format unless you specifically stated something else.

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Right - I seem to have 2 “espace clients”, one with my regular email address and one with the Orange email address - not sure how I managed not to have just a single one with the Orange email address (probably because of the month or three that it was just a phone line).

The only option for “mot de passe oublié” is for them to send a new password in the post…

…to the French address

Seems I’m scuppered for the moment.

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On a continuation of these orange email problems, on my ipad and iPhone it said the imap passwords for incoming and outgoing mails were incorrect. Tried to ask orange online but to no effect, so loaded the orange mobile mail app. They seem to work fine on that but still not on the main orange site. Ho hum, the wonders of technology

@davepaa have you tried the settings here: