Orange has stopped their telephone/internet suspend service

For a couple of years now we have been activating and suspending the internet and phone for the house in France when we visit and depart. Was a great service with a maximum suspend time (when you pay nothing) of 11 months)
However Orange this summer have stopped this service so now I pay 33 euros a month for internet and phone every month (instead of 54 per active month for the old service)

This is not a huge costs but annoying as the old service was great

Anyone got any alternative providers or suggestions

One issue we have is we have an just about OK 3G service outside the house , but once inside the 1m thick stone walls of the house this is not a reliable enough to use the phone as a hotspot for internet

thanks in advance

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I pay only 24 euros per month with orange. (21 euro for Internet + 3 euro for livebox).

I cancelled the line rental as it us only for analogue telephone calls so now just have Internet + I can make voip calls via another provider (we use Vonage with a UK number).

I used the switch the line on and off when we were here but now at half the price I don’t bother.

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Hmm I did ask for that before and was told internet only is not available. I will go back and ask again if that is an option under the new contract. Thanks

I think when a new line is going in you may need to take both but after a certain period of time you can cancel the analogue line

Orange no longer offer the option of an analogue line, that service has been discontinued.

I believe that is their intent but it still seems to be shown on the website?

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It’s certainly happening although I believe there are some people who rely on a fixed line telephone for emergency use, like old people who have panic buttons etc.

That’s true David, although I do believe that the service will be gradually phased out over several years. Waiting to hear what mum’s telealert providers propose.

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