Orange inform me I no longer have an ADSL line

(maggi bloice) #10

As I said - no 4g - I am using a 3g box…

(Paul Flinders) #11

OK, that is consistent with the Orange systems expecting your phone service to be on the Livebox and recognising that there is no active ADSL connection so diverting to a voice mail box.

(Paul Flinders) #12

PS a good 3g connection can be 6Mbps**, so actually better than your ADSL.

** theoretically up to 21Mpbs but we all know the difference between theory and practice.

(David Martin) #13

With online billing you still get invoices. The trouble is that you need to access the internet to find them.

(anon54681821) #14

if you rural try bouges telecome 4g box.

(maggi bloice) #15

Did not mention that as the engineer thought my adsl line was faulty he laid a temporary one but it did not work, this line is still there - makes me think they cannot leave it there - anyhow, the English HL consultant is phoning me tomorrow and I will be interested in an update - and what they are intending to do, my neighbours on the other hand are getting excited because they think the fact he said Orange were laying a new cable along our road - they are getting fibre optic but somehow I doubt it. I think they are just replacing a faulty line - but you never know. I will update when I hear from Orange tomorrow.

(maggi bloice) #16

It’s a never ending saga as now the orange helpline told me that the engineer had informed me that I needed to prune an enormous oak tree in the garden - he never mentioned this at all. When I do this they will send yet another engineer out to look at the problem, funny thing is they laid a temporary line and this did not work - this temporary line is laid on the ground so where does the tree problem arise. He also told me that a new cable was going to be laid along our road - she said she had no information on that either. She then recommended that we think about satellite broadband - and that as our ADSL line was poor anyway that was a bettter solution. I am absolutely furious about the whole thing and seriously do not know what to do next. I asked her to put me on to an advisor re other options - after waiting a good while a lady came on - kept saying she could not hear me then hung up. So we have 2 liveboxes, one airbox, no telephone line and a bill that has 7 euros deducted… in an area with loads of trees everywhere I just do not understand why the tree in my gardens is affecting my line - just do not know what to do next.

(anon88888878) #17

Cancel the fixed line, take out the Freemobile 19,99€ mobile offer and use your smartphone as an internet hotspot (100GB of data within the offer). Done.

(maggi bloice) #18

An excellent offer but when they tested my line it says “caution high attenuation” - I am in a bad position right now as not only do I have a temporary non working ADSL line but Orange refuse to send another technician until I prune my massive oak tree - I still do not understand why if they have laid a temporary on the ground cable, the line does not work - I would leave Orange in a heartbeat - I am not tied to them, but they have left this place in a mess with stuff and lose adsl wiring and boxes around - I doubt if another contractor would touch me right now. I have a Free contract at present and its been a lifesaver but its only 2 hours a month and phoning the Orange HL has used up all my saved up hours. So this month my bill is 36 euros to orange and to date about 8 euros for data etc with free - I reiterate I still have the use of the 50 go 3G airbox.

(Paul Flinders) #19

Did the original line go through the oak branches?

If you have a reliable 3G signal at the house I’m inclined to agree with Simon - though I would view using a smartphone as a hotspot as a strictly temporary solution, if you are going to do that you need a permanent 3G router (I think you mentioned one).

With luck Orange might try a bit harder if you simply phone up and cancel the contract.

It sounds like you are hitting the legendary French customer service ethos plus some genuine technical issues with the line :frowning:

(anon88888878) #20

Maggie - I don’t think you understand - the Freemobile offer is a mobile, not fixed line service. Based on the info you’ve given us - you don’t need a fixed line !! Anyway - you’re not the only one confused - so many folks just don’t understand the difference between fixed line and mobile. Beats me :wink:

(maggi bloice) #21

Ok I am a newcomer to stuff like the domino etc but I run my own website and it needs updating with photos etc regularly and I download loads of instruction manuals and other associated stuff. I have a desktop system in my space which is just at the limit of a wifi signal from the house. I love the wee domino box but its expensive - so in short will the free mobile contract enable me to use my XP10 based PC as I use it now - the 100 gbs is plenty but how do I use this with my setup. I have an ipad and iphone but when it comes to my website and facebook pages - and my designaknit software they ain’t too handy. (Besides which I need a big screen to work with). I have an appointment with the assistant Mairie tomorrow. Hope I am not boring everyone to tears with this - but it shows that despite the fact I have been a customer of Orange since 2003, they seriously don’t give a damn.

(anon88888878) #22

Maggi you simply use the Freemobile sim in your smartphone to provide a wifi hotspot - just google it. Really simple :slight_smile:

(maggi bloice) #23

The original line did go through a much younger oak tree - but its seriously big now, this is where I miss my husbands skills the most, he would have been up a ladder with his power saw and tackled the problem in no time, now its a fight to get him not to do it (he has heart and kidney failure and associated memory problems. It’s the mess that Orange have left behind that annoys me - iehalf done job awaiting me to contact them.

(stella wood) #24

Fingers crossed it gets sorted soon… :slight_smile:

(anon88888878) #25

Maggi - dump the Orange line!

(maggi bloice) #26

Now that sounds more like the info I need Simon - thanks for all your help - lets face it - what I have now is an expensive livebox connection that does not work well - your solution means I get a decent wifi signal at less cost. Sorry about my ignorance re this technology.

(Mike Longhurst) #27

Contact Tom Dunham and see if you have a LTE Mast anywhere near you, if so he can help you out and you could end up with better and faster internet than you had before:

(maggi bloice) #28

Already tried that - no joy only 3g here in Lohuec - update is - now 4 weeks no line, temporary line laid across my neighbour nd our driveway - it does not work - enf of day, technician disappeared saying that despite having an ADSL line since 2007 - we are too far from the exchange - orange now say they want me to prune a large oak tree (no chance) as that may be causing the problem - now asked the maire to take a look and perhaps intervene - still awaiting a visit - we need to get this line repaired and the temp one removed before I can move on - Orange refuse to come back until we tackle the oak tree - deadlock approaching

(Paul Flinders) #29

Unless the maire can get Orange moving I suspect it will come down to two options:

  1. Deal with the tree and put the ball back in Orange’s court
  2. Ditch the landline and go with 3G, if the signal is good enough it will be faster than your old ADSL connection anyway.