Orange inform me I no longer have an ADSL line

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Strange isn’t it - we’re in the foothills of the Pyrenees in between Foix and Pamiers - only an hour (thank goodness!) South of Toulouse and yet the 4G coverage throughout the Ariege is just excellent. We’ve only got a population of about 155,000 in an area 10 times the size of Andorra or, if you like, a quarter the size of Wales :slight_smile:

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Will do Simon - another hellish job though has to be thought about if leaving Orange and that is my email address - the hassle will be a pain. I went down to the Orange shop in Carhaix to return the Airbox and ask for compensation. She said 10 euros - I said what - no she replied 10 euros a month for a year - but being the sceptic that I am - I will believe it when I see it. Good job I did not pay to get someone to chop down my oak tree eh…

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I am coming to this conversation late, but I am curious. I have a house in Fontaine-Chalendray in the Charente-Maritime (17510). I went on the Bouygues site and it appears that the 4G box will work in our village. I am hoping that is the case. From your comment, I assume you are well-satisfied by the product. Can you add details? We have also been thinking about satellite. Coming from the states, I cannot believe how difficult getting high-speed broadband is. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Paul

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ok, thanks. Didn’t notice the address. Sorry.

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People speak highly of the Bouygues 4G box, I had an Orange 4G connection for 10 days and it was excellent too.
Just out of interest do the rural areas of the USA enjoy high speed internet throughout? When I was last there I was surprised by how quickly mobile signals we lost upon leaving a built up area (being used to nearly 100% cover in the parts of Europe I use) and wondered at the time about internet connections in more remote areas.

(Paul Flinders) #66

Well it looks like I’m in the same boat as Maggi, arrived to find no phone and no internet. Will phone Orange on Monday but looks like I’ll have to manage with one of the phones running a hot spot :frowning:

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Has there been storm damage in your area??.. check with your Mairie… they may know of problems.

In our area (even now) there are still some homes who are without phone lines. Most of the original breakages were sorted, but trees/branches are still falling and taking out lines as they do so… :zipper_mouth_face:

Only this last week, the Mairie was chasing Orange… It seems that Orange are doing their best and that their priority is to sort out those who need the lines for safety reasons… (eg elderly with tag/alarms) and all others as quickly as possible… to this end they have brought in engineers from all over France… :relaxed:

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Not sure, Bill would know as he lives fairly close. I’ll start with Orange on Monday, if I can get through and will keep the Maire in reserve for now. I was hoping to have a quiet week apart from a bit of tidying the garden but at least mobiles mean we won’t be totally cut off. However my wife has an article to write for work which will have to wait - frustrating as there is a deadline.

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Ah, err, ok… I see now why the phone is not working. I no longer physically have a phone line, just a rather sad looking connection box dangling from the electricity line anchor. No sign of the cable at all so not sure if ripped out by a storm or by Orange repairing other lines. If orange have been here bit miffed that they have left me without a phone line at all. Will see if any sense can be had on Monday

(stella wood) #70

Ah well… you can relax until Monday… as you say… you do have a mobile. I would not think Orange have deliberately taken your line… (presumably you have paid the bill ?) :thinking:

Fingers crossed it can soon be sorted… 'cos you can identify where the “break” is… which is more than some around here… :unamused:

(David Martin) #71

I use the Orange et Moi App to report line faults to Orange. It’s very efficient. You need it on your mobile because when it detects a problem with the line…

(Paul Flinders) #72

Bill on direct debit and plenty of funds in the account. At least Orange can’t claim the problem is within the house. Will look into the app.

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I’m with Orange and so far haven’t been able to fault the service…My service went down last Saturday so I used my mobile to sign into my orange account to ask them to test the line…(I don’t have the app)…straightaway there was a message saying that there was a known fault in my neighbourhood…technicians were working on it and they hoped to resolve the fault by 1.30pm on Monday at the latest…

I was back on within the hour…


(Paul Flinders) #74

I’ve found the rest of the phone line curled up at the bottom of the post across the street.

I was going to have a look to see if I can report the fault on line but that requires enough mobile phone signal to be able to get a remote desktop connection to my machine at home as I have no idea what the password is for my Orange Espace Client.

Sadly that seems more complex than I hoped.
As you will see from a previous post I got a decent 3G speed with SFR but for some reason I cannot connect to SFR at present and both Orange and Bouygues are giving me the sort of slow, intermittent, sometimes not even 3G but the dreaded “Edge” 2.5G connection (about 80kbps when working well) that resulted in David having such a poor view of 3G.

I’ll try later and see if I can get online a bit better.

(stella wood) #75

I’ve no idea if this is similar your situation…being electric rather than phone…

3 houses, each isolated, but in the same hameau… the electricity lines were put back to 2 houses… but the house in the middle was “forgotten/overlooked” and it took the owner another week to realize his situation… phew, thankfully a call from the Mairie got Enedis back on the job… :relaxed:

If your line is coiled at the bottom of the pole, someone knows… :thinking:

(Paul Flinders) #76

Ha, yes I suspect someone knows why the line is down but what is done is done and I’m not too worried about finding out exactly what happened so long as I can get it fixed.

Annoyingly Three seem to be blocking tethering which is a major pain. I’ve managed to log in and use the online chat to report the fault using my phone so hopefully an engineer is due Wednesday morning.

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I think they also have an English speaking helpline…I remember ringing it once when I first got my livebox and I couldn’t get my uk mobile to pick it up…the French man was really patient and talked me through it in much better English than my French…

There is also very often someone who speaks English in the Orange shops if all else fails…I needed a car charger and went in and asked for one in French and was well relieved when the chap replied in perfect English…x :slight_smile:

Best of luck…it is frustrating and I hope you get it sorted Wednesday…

(Paul Flinders) #78

Yes, the English helpline is very useful. However it can be quite hard to get through so I thought it would be worth looking if I could report the fault online. My spoken French isn’t really up to a phone conversation but I managed well enough with the online chat - the main issue was the poor mobile signal meant that it took three attempts to complete the conversation :frowning:

I was pleasantly surprised that they had advisors available on a Sunday afternoon.

(Helen Wright) #79

They do seem very committed to providing a 24/7 quality service…at least that’s been my experience so far…in the distant past my very first mobile phone as big as a brick was with Orange…”The future’s bright…the future is Orange…” and I never had a problem with them in uk either…(my problems in uk were with talk talk…nasty…!) so when I arrived here I was already trusting of Orange and never even considered any other provider…x :slight_smile: