Orange Land Line Question

Anyone know what the default voicemail password is for an Orange/French Telecom land line? Too much going on today to fish around the website in French! I'm hoping it's a common number.

Excellent link Donna - thanks

Mine was set up automatically, but seems not to be the norm according to this post I found on Google:

Good luck - I recorded my greeting in French and English today. Expect to have someone laughing at my awful pronunciation soon, but it's a start!

Anyone any idea how to set up your mailbox to take messages, or is it done automatically?

Thanks, Vanessa. I will give this a try. I try hard to go thru things in French as it helps to improve my langugage skills, but some days I am just tired and want an easy answer! It's great to have this network where others have been through what you have and can help.

FT landline - 3103 to listen to messages and 3131 to find out the last number that called you

and I believe you press 3 to delete a message after you have listened to it

Hope this helps.